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Tackle the breakdown of our families

A major root causes of crime


There is a blame game going on when it comes to dealing with the crime situation particularly blaming the Commissioner of the Police, the Governor and the Premier. I too blamed these individuals sometimes and the reason I blamed them is because we are not finding and arresting the criminals. However, even if they were to find the criminals, there will always be other criminals among us because we need to address the root causes of crime and one of the root causes of crime is that there is a breakdown in our families.

Breakdown in our families

There is a breakdown in our family structure. Our family is not the way it used to be. We are not raising our young men and women like how our parents raised us. There is no order in some of our families, there is little supervision of our children, there is the absence of one of one of the parents and so some young people are doing what they want to do and even raising themselves and when there is no law and order, it is an invitation for violence.

Our young people are no longer listening to gospel music. They spend a lot of their time listening to secular music and we as parents sometimes do not even know what our children are listening to.  Whatever they are listening to, they may act it out. I interviewed my son, Jowell which will be aired this week on my YouTube channel. He told me that most of the music they listened to, has lyrics about killing and sex and so people will act that out. It is time we know what our children are listening to and restrict what they can listen to. This simple little act may save their lives or prevent them from becoming violent.

We grew up going to church every Sunday and as a result there was a fear of God and because there was a fear of God, we did not do some of the things that we knew were wrong. Today, many of us are not taking our families to church and so our children do not know about the fear of God and because they do not fear God, they have become fearless and committed violent crimes. I therefore challenge the church to go families if the families are not going to the church.

We also grew up as a community where our neighbours would chastise us if we did something wrong or they would tell our parents. Today, if some of our neighbours chastise our children, we ge offended. Furthermore, some of our neighbours may see our children doing things out of the way but we do not tell the parents and so some parents are blinded at what their children do.

Of course, there are some parents who well know what is going on in their homes. There are red flags. They see their children with expensive items, and they are not working but we accept some of the things they brought into our homes without asking questions. You see the love of money is one of the reasons why these crimes are taking place in our country. We have created a greedy society, and everybody wants more money, and they will do whatever it takes to get money. One short cut is getting involve in the sale of drugs.

Some families are also aware who are committing these crimes, but they think they are saving their families by not saying anything. They need to report their family and get help for them otherwise they will continue to commit crimes.


Think about crime in terms of your health. The doctor did not cause you to be unhealthy unless he or she gave you the wrong medication which is uncommon. The point I am trying to make is that we blamed the doctors for our conditions when all we need to do is to address the root cause of or health issue which is our diet. The same is with crime. The police are not responsible for making criminals, there are other factors such as the breakdown in families. The job of the police is to catch the criminals and so the police is not responsible for how an individual became a criminal.

Let me conclude with this bold statement. Perhaps it is time for a change in leadership at the Police Force but even if there is a change (whether local or expatriate), if we do not address the root causes of crime, criminal activities will continue to take place. Family needs to take responsibility and rebuild the family structure that has been destroyed.

The storm is coming!
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Storms will always come but God always sees us through

Always be prepared before, during and after a storm


The Hurricane Season is from June 1st to November 30th, and so more than likely a Hurricane is expected to occur during this time. The good news is that we get warnings when a Hurricane is about to come and so we have time to prepare for the storm. Before I proceed further, let me highlight the efforts of Paul Wilkerson who on a voluntarily basis keeps us informed about the weather conditions through a page he created called the Turks and Caicos Islands Weather Information.

I know many of us have been praying and hoping that the Hurricane did not come but it came. Perhaps you are questioning God why he allowed these things to happen when we ask for them not to happen.  I don’t know the answer but what I do know is that we will experience storms in our lives and God will be right there in the midst.

The Turks and Caicos has been so blessed over the last couple of Hurricanes in that no lives were lost. The things that we lost such as our roof tops or houses can be and will be restored. In fact, you may get something better than what you had before.

Be prepared

In preparation of a storm, we are always advised to be prepared. Preparation is the key for any storm. You may not be able to control the storm, but you can certainly prepare for it by ensuring that you have all the necessary things in place, and follow the guidelines, before, during and after the storm. Some of us do not take precaution and we end up suffering as a result.

Like a Hurricane, we will also experience other storms in our lives, and we can apply the same principles and guidelines that we did for a hurricane. Be prepared for the storms. Unlike a hurricane, we may not get a warning as a storm may certainly creep up on you, so it is best to be alert and be conscious that storms will take place.  Of course, you may ask how to prepare for an unexpected storm. All I can say is to be calm and have faith and remember God is with you and he will restore your losses.


No one wants to experience storms in their lives, but storms will take place among the good and the bad. Look at the story about Job who was a righteous man but experience so many storms. He lost his children and fortune, but God restored him twice with as much as he had before. During the storms in his life, Job remained faithful and calm, and he maintained his integrity. What about you?  The way you prepare before, during and after the storm determines how the storm will impact you.

I wrote my own legacy.
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What do you want your legacy to be?

Live a legacy to impact others and to help your future generations


We will not live on this earth forever because one day we will die. Therefore, live a life that will create a positive impact on others. Some of you may argued and say what difference does it make about your legacy because you will be dead. The truth is your legacy really matters. It can be negative or positive.

While I have my own personal feelings about the British monarchy, the death of Queen Elizabeth has impacted the world. There was mixed reaction about her legacy, however, the majority was positive.

What do you want your legacy to be? Other people, your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will be impacted by your legacy. No one knows the future. For instance, you may have helped someone and later in life that same person you helped may helped your children or grandchildren. Likewise, if you did something wrong to individuals, people would remember what you did and may not want to help your children.

Live and leave a good legacy

I think the greatest example of someone who lived a good legacy was Jesus Christ. He left a legacy of love, hope, empathy, compassion, forgiveness, and kindness.

Love is the solution to most of our issues. Let us therefore live a legacy of love. Demonstrate love to your family and friends and even to your enemies. It does not make sense leaving a legacy of hatred. Hatred leads to violence while love covers a multitude of sins.

There is so much hopelessness in our society, however, you can improve this by providing hope to someone. You can do this through the life you live and what you say to others. If someone tell you something in confidence, don’t erase that person’s hope by sharing that information to others.

I think many of us lack empathy and compassion for others. The thing is some of us want people to have empathy for them, but they don’t want to have empathy for others. Do not leave a legacy of selfishness. One of the reasons why there is so much suffering is due to our lack of empathy and compassion for others.

Some people have die not forgiving others and has passed this legacy of unforgiveness to your inheritance. Do not block your blessings and your children’s blessings because your heart is full of unforgiveness. Learn to forgive others and encourage others to do the same.

Some of us also love to complain about everything. Why don’t you try and make the changes about the things you are complaining about. This will be a great legacy to live by and leave for others to emulate.

Speaking about changes, many people refer to us as being passive. Some say we inherited that from our ancestors. There is nothing wrong with being passive but don’t let anyone use you or abuse. Learn to be aggressive when the need arises. Learn to speak up and out without assassinating the characters of others.


I asked a few people what they want their legacy to be, and they all said a millionaire. There is nothing wrong with aspiring to be a millionaire but focused on impacting the lives of others in a positive manner. The life you live is your story and your story is your legacy. I conclude with these questions, if you knew you were dying soon, how would you live your life? What difference have you made in the lives of others? Do you want to leave a good legacy?

Time does not stop so why should you
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Sometimes things don’t get better because we stopped doing the things we used to do

If it works, keep doing what you are doing


I believe for things to get better; we need to be consistent in our efforts.  It is unfortunate that many of start off very good pursuing that goal but somehow, we got sidetracked and discontinued doing what we started. The thing is, if something works, then why do you stop doing what you are doing. The moment you stop, a vicious cycle starts. We got to be disciplined and committed to our cause. I will illustrate some examples of how things don’t get better because we stopped doing the things we used to do.

Your prayer life

One thing I love about the Bible is that it has answers for everything. The Bible clearly tells us to pray continuously. Many of us pray when we want something and as soon as we get what we want, we stopped praying. When you stop praying, you are disconnected with God and you have opened hole for the devil to come in and when he comes, he will try to kill and destroy you. Do you see why we must keep praying? If we want things to get better in our lives and in our country, then we must always pray. Do not stop.

Your business

Your business may have may been doing so well but somehow you took your clients for granted and stopped doing what you were doing and then your business began to decline. If you want your business to prosper, do what you were doing when it was prospering but if you stop, so will your business.

Your marriage

Prior to marriage, you probably dated your partner often. You communicated often. You talked and laughed often. After marriage, you started off while perhaps for the first two or three years and then you stopped doing what you were doing and consequently your marriage gets in trouble. If you want your marriage to get better, do what you were doing early in your marriage.

Your health

Many times, when get a bad medical report, you would initially change your diet and even exercise regularly. Sooner or later, you began to eat unhealthy food and you stop exercising. If you want your health to get better, then don’t stop what you were doing initially.

Your friendship

I know many of us are busy with our families and jobs, but friendship is very important too. I know you can think of some friends who you were very close to, but you are no longer close with them and one of the reasons is because you stopped doing what you were doing with your friends.

Your involvement in the community

When I was growing up, we had a community where we looked out for each other and helped one another.  Many of us have discontinued that spirit of involvement in the community and we wonder why our community is falling apart. It is because we so are so busy with our own lives, and we stopped caring for our community.

Your savings plan

I am aware some of you are living from paycheck to paycheck but some of you also had a savings plan. You were putting aside so much each month but then you stopped and start putting your wants above your needs. You start following the Jones and you lost control of your plan. If you want to be in a better financial position, then start saving like you were doing before.

Your counseling sessions

Some of you enrolled in counselling session but you stopped. If you want to have a better life, then don’t stop your counselling sessions.


I will be writing another article on crime soon, but I believe one of the reasons why crime is out of hand is because we stopped doing the things we used to do. For example, when a crime takes place in an area, we will monitor the area for a week or so, then we stopped. 

How do we expect things to get better if we stopped doing the things that worked? I encourage each you to do the things you used to do before so you can maintain your prayer life and save your marriage, business, health and friendship.

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