A dangerous political path – The Road of Fear, Hatred and Division.

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A dangerous political path – The Road of Fear, Hatred and Division.


Some of us are so consume with politics that we have place politics above our family, our country and God. There is nothing wrong with engaging in politics but over the last couple of years, we have taken politics on a dangerous political path which is the road of fear, hatred and division.

The Road of Fear

There is so much fear. While some people are very outspoken, the majority of people are fearful. They are afraid to speak out due to fear of losses, a job loss, a loss in contract and the loss of a friend or family member. They are afraid to speak out because the party they support may think they are against them. Some people are even afraid to wear the colours of the opposing party they support because there is a fear that people may think you support that party.

People should have the right to speak out without being fearful of victimization. I think part of the problem is the immaturity level and selfishness with some of our leaders. Perhaps another reason why we are fearful is because of upbringing. We were not allowed to express how we fee without getting shut up or slap up and so maybe it is in subconscious minds not to speak out. Some of us are also not confident to speak out because we feel we know very little on the issues at hand.

I encourage you to be bold and speak out at all times but do so in a respectful manner. Fear will only keep you down. It will certainly not help you. Fear only helps that people that you fear.

The Road of Hatred

Politics has bred hatred among the citizens. People literally hate others because of their choice of political persuasion. Believe it or not, some of our leaders are encouraging the hate because they are not stopping or reprimanding some of their supporters with the hate messages. In fact, when some of the supporters try to stop them, some of leaders would tell them to leave those individuals alone and let them do what they got to do.

Clearly, this is not the road we should be on especially because of politics. People change political preferences frequently. The people you hate today may be on your political party the next four years. Be very careful. Having hatred towards someone is not a good thing. We must learn to love another and respect one another no matter our political persuasion.

The Road of Division

The Road of Hatred will lead to the road of division. Do we want a country that is divided? Isn’t the purpose of politics is to make lives of everyone better? Some politicians focused only on the people that they know support them, however, once you become the Government, you are for everyone. We have division in the church as well where pastors are publicly endorsing candidates when they very well know that there is a split in the church. We have division in family over politics. If we are divided, we will fall and be defeated in our very country while others are progressing.


It is time we get off this dangerous path. We need to put our country first and by doing so we will be putting all of the people first rather than one set of people.

Perhaps we like being dangerous and divided. If so, then keep on doing what we have been doing for the past 45 years. If you want a change then stop looking at people based on their political affiliation. Allow people to be free to express themselves and associate with any political party they wish to without being fearful.

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