Speaking Point for Succeeding In Your Position:

Finding your gifts – Everybody has at least one gift, however some people have not discovered it. Drexwell can speak on this topic where he tells people how to find their gifts.

Overeoming inferiority complex – Drexwell suffered from inferiority complex most of his life. Fortunately, he overcame it and now he speaks on that topic as too many people are suffering from low self esteem

Fear – Fear is one of the greatest obstacles in a person’s life. Once we overcome fear, we can achieve anything.

Money Management – One of the biggest issues in a person’s life is to manage their finances properly. Drexwell has conducted several seminars and workshops on how to manage your finances properly.

Being a successful and effective leader – Drexwell just published his second book, succeeding in your position. In this book, he offers 10 tips to succeed.

Marriage – Drexwell and his wife has been married for 26 years and he can talk about his experience as a married person living with kidney failure and being on dialysis.

Speaking Fee
$200 per session

The speaking fee is
waived if your event order
more than 100 books



Drexwell Seymour is from the Turks and Caicos Islands. He is a certified public accountant but his favorite thing to do is write. He has a website and posts new articles every week. He has a Youtube channel and shares weekly inspirational videos. He is the host of a weekly radio show called Financially Speaking, which airs on Radio Turks and Caicos, the national radio station.

Mr. Seymour published his first book, “Rise Up and Take Your Position”, in September 2021. The book received riveting reviews and became a bestseller on Amazon. Drexwell also produced a short film and cowrote a song called “Rise Up and Take Your Position.”

Mr. Seymour is married to Joanna Seymour, and they have five children. In addition to operating his own accounting firm, he also has a property management business.


“Rise Up and Take Your Position” is an inspiring companion to “Succeeding in Your Position.” It empowers individuals to identify their gifts and cultivate them, igniting a passion for pursuing their unique purpose. With wisdom, encouragement, and actionable steps, this book challenges readers to rise above their circumstances and seize the perfect timing to turn their dreams into reality. It is a beacon of hope for those seeking to break free from limitations and live a life of fulfillment.

The books by Drexwell Seymour carry immense value, offering a roadmap to success and personal transformation. They provide invaluable guidance on self-confidence, goal achievement, and the pursuit of purpose. With each page, readers are inspired to embrace their inherent talents, overcome obstacles, and embark on a journey towards lasting success.

Hardcover & Paperback Editions

Succeeding In Your Position

Rise Up and Take Your Position

Drexwell Seymour

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