Actions speak louder than words

Actions speak louder than words illustration

Actions speak louder than words

It is time to act – enough of the talk


I don’t know about you but I am tired of the rhetoric. People are suffering and being left behind. For years, politicians have given us a lot of hope during campaigns. They say they understand what we are going through and they have the solutions to ease our burden and so they will put programs in place to elevate us so that we can share a part of the booming economy. However, as soon as they get elected they seem to forget the promises they made and our hope becomes shattered.  It is time for a change. It is time we act and ensure that the citizens of our country are benefiting just as much as the investors. There is no point in bragging about how the excellent the economy is doing if the people of the country are still in a poor state. Yes I agree that we have our part to play but the Government has a greater role to play too.

The Government just passed the budget for 2021/2022 and while I am hopeful based on what was said during the budget debate, the success of the budget will be based on the implementation of the programs and policies to ensure that this is indeed the people’s time.

It is time to act

While citizens do send a message to the politicians by the way we vote, we as citizens need to act too. We are talking but we only talk for a short while and the issue remains the same. It is time we unite and fight for what we want. We have to be consistent in our approach. We must never give up on what we want. We do not have to wait every four years to send the messages to our politicians because even though we send messages things continue to be the same. The power is in our hands. We must not only demand action but we should not stop until it is done. Whenever an issue happens, we talk about it for a day or two and we leave it. We cannot leave an issue undone until it is fixed. We have to show them we mean serious business.

It is time the Government put the people’s money where their mouths are. As I say, I am hopeful now that the budget is passed but we must ensure that we keep pressure on the Government to act.


For more than 40 year, we have fooled with a lot of talk. However, talk alone will not address our issues. We need action. We need to ensure that our people are in key positions. We need to ensure that our people are able to be successful entrepreneurs. This can happen if we have policies and programs in place the same way we have help international investors. We need to ensure that access to capital is readily available for local businesses and without a lot of red tape. We need to ensure that our people move from poverty to prosperity. It is time we end the suffering of our people. It is time we truly put the people first. It does not make sense promoting the development of our country if we do not develop our people.

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