All people are equal so why are we letting the colour of our skin say otherwise.

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All people are equal so why are we letting the colour of our skin say otherwise.

Acts 17:26 “From one man, he made all the nations.


I am writing a few articles on unity and one thing that separates us is the colour of our skin. If there is one thing in life I cannot comprehend is racism and colorism.  Racism is discrimination against individuals based on different races. Colourism on the other hand is discrimination against individuals within the same race.

There has been a significant improvement between the black and white races but racism is still very much prevalent throughout the World. It is very much blatant in the Turks and Caicos Islands too. While many black persons may complain and rightly so about encountering racism on a frequent basis, some of us are discriminating others within the black race. Some of us prefer light skinned over dark skinned.

Biblical perspective

In the beginning God created Adam and Eve and from this creation was the beginning of humankind. I don’t know why some people came out white and some people came out black but I do know we came from one man. Because we came from one man, we are one and we are related.  Part of Acts 17:26 stated that from one man, he made all the nations. In some churches, there are displays of white Jesus and recently there have been displays of a black Jesus. Our focus should be on the fact that Jesus exists and not on the colour of Jesus. According to the Bible we are all equal in the eyes of God but somehow we have allow the colour of one’s skin to determine the equality of individuals.

Does colour matter?

Colour does not matter. Unfortunately, the words dark and black have so many negative connotations and stereotypes associated with them. Because of this, some blacks are uncomfortable in their own skin and are bleaching themselves to become lighter.

However underneath the skin of black and white people, we are the same and we have more in common than we realize. Therefore why does colour matter. We have allowed ignorance and misinformation from generation to generation to make us feel that colour matters.

Because of colour, there is segregation in the work place, in the neighbourhood, in the schools and even in the churches. Of course, many people are comfortable with their own race and stick with their own but we have to reflect on our lives and realize that colour does not matter.  The colour of your skin should not be a factor in determining what you have in common with others. Your personality and your interests should unite us despite your colour.


I don’t know if racism and colourism will ever end but I know if we were to overlook the colour of one’s skin, it will resolve many issues in the world. Murders, depression, low self, unequal pay, unequal opportunities are some of the issues that take place as a result of racism and colourism.

I think if we can encourage our children and grandchildren to see all people as one, it will be the beginning of a step to unite us. In fact, I believe children of black and white are getting along well especially in TCI but somehow it seems that when some of the children become adults, the race perspective is not the same.

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