An accident that could have been fatal

car accident

An accident that could have been fatal

Thank God for his protection


Accidents take place in the world every day.  Sometimes these accidents result in the loss of the lives. Some people also end up being paralyzed. Some people fortunately escape injuries. Well, I am thankful to God each day for protecting our daughter a month ago when she was in a car accident.

The accident

On December 3rd while I was shopping at grocery store, my daughter called me to let me know she got into an accident. Soon, thereafter, my neighbour also called me to inform me. I dropped everything and drove to the scene of the accident.

My daughter was driving away from home to an appointment. She overtook a vehicle (which happened to be our neighbour) and somehow ended up losing control. The car went off the road into the bushes hitting an electrical pole. It barely escaped collision with a transformer. As a result, power went off.

The car was badly damaged at the front. In fact, the mechanic said it did not make any sense trying to fix it.

Lessons learned

Many lessons were learned from this accident. The first lesson is that God is in our midst. God protected our daughter from an accident that could have fatal. With that said, I encourage each of you to always pray for the protection of you and your children. Don’t ever stop praying. I am convinced and believed that through prayer and the relationship with God, he protected Drexanna. Some people reading this may ask what about those individuals who did not survive or who are paralyzed.  I don’t know the answer, but I know there are lessons in all situations.

Another lesson we learned is that a vehicle can be replaced but a life cannot be replaced. I know our daughter was concerned about the damaged vehicle but we reassured her that there is no need to dwell on the loss of a vehicle. A vehicle is a material possession and I rather lose a vehicle than to lose our daughter. Our daughter could have died in this accident or encounter major issues but thank God she was well. We took her to the hospital where the doctor examined her and gave a clean bill of health. Thank God.

Another lesson learned is that unfortunately accidents take place and so don’t blame yourself especially if you did not intentionally cause the accident. Yes, there are some people who drive recklessly causing accidents but, in this case, it was an innocent accident.

This accident has also brought us closer to God. Sometimes it takes an accident to appreciate God and even to appreciate your own life.


Even though accidents can cause trauma, fear, and anxiety, but when you think about the goodness and mercy of God, things could have been worst. We are truly grateful to God for protecting our daughter.

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