Are there any Lessons that our Politicians can learn from President Donald Trump?

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Are there any Lessons that our Politicians can learn from President Donald Trump?


I know many of us do not like “foreigners” to debate or discuss the political situation of their home country but ironically we spend so much time and energy discussing the politics of the United States. With that said and despite our personal opinions and political preferences, I think there are some lessons that Politicians and others can learn from President Trump.

He Tells You Exactly What He Is Thinking

One thing we can say about President Trump is that he tells you exactly what he is thinking. We may not agree with what he is saying nor the tune and manner in how he says it but he says what he means. This can be a positive trait in that one does not have to second guess his stance.  Some of our politicians on the other hand are very disingenuous. They say one thing to you but truly they do not mean it which is evident in their actions. A lot of them tell you what you want to hear.

He is not afraid to address topical Issues.

President Trump has tackled many sensitive and topical issues such as illegal immigration and the famous Wall. Illegal immigration is big issue for all us in the Caribbean. In fact, in TCI, illegal immigration issues are some of the root causes of many issues in TCI. Some politicians are afraid to touch that because the sector of one group of people is growing fast and may soon be added to the voters list which in turn may impact the outcome of elections in some districts.

We should not be afraid to touch topical issues even if it means risk losing the next election.

He is a visionary

I think President Donald Trump is a man of vision. He has a vision for Making America Great Again. His policies and plan reflect that. Unlike some of our politicians who come up with fancy phrases and slogans during the campaign but their governance does not reflect their slogans as the slogans are merely words.

We need politicians that have a vision for this country including building a roadmap for the citizens. I am not talking about the construction of roads and buildings. I am talking about a vision for the building up and empowerment of the people.  

Do Not Respond to Every Critic in a Negative Way

One of President Donald’s main weakness is that he responds to almost every criticism. Some of our politicians are the same way. They either respond directly as themselves, or use fictitious names or have others respond on their behalf.  I encourage the politicians to examine and review the content of the criticisms. There are some valid messages and solutions in the criticism and if you address them effectively, the Government under your reign will shine and ultimately the Country will be in a better position. However, some of us are so politically blinded in that we take the criticism personally and politically. Rather than fixing the issues, they attack the individuals on a personal level. Perhaps it is part a distraction strategy.

Consult with Key Players

President Donald Trump has also been criticized by many for not consulting with key players. This is a lesson we also need to learn in the Caribbean. It seems to me that when politicians become the Government, they behave as if they know everything. Not because you are a Politician means you know everything. There are many non-political individuals who are well experience and have a wealth of information that Politicians can consult with even if these individuals are not supporters of your Government.


While Donald Trump does have a lot of weaknesses and so do most of us, there are some strengths in the aforementioned that we can learn from and apply in the Turks and Caicos and the Caribbean. 

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