Are there some implied messages behind the appointment of the interim Police Chief?

Police chief

Are there some implied messages behind the appointment of the interim Police Chief?

Why don’t they want the former acting commissioner to continue to act?


In December 2023, Her Excellency Governor Dileeni Daniel – Selvaratnam announced the appointment of our new Commissioner of Police, Mr. Edvin Martin. Mr. Edvin was to assume the position on February 1st replacing our former Chief Commissioner, Mr. Trevor Botting who served in that capacity from July 2019 to November 2023. From November 2023 to February 12th, 2023, Mr. Rodney Adams was acting commissioner.

Well to our surprise, the Governor along with the Premier announced in joint statement that Mr. Chris Eyre will be the acting commissioner from February 12th until May as Mr. Martin is unable to start in February due to some medical health routine checks.

This means that Mr. Adams is no longer acting Commissioner, and someone has been brought in to act. Why did the Governor and Premier see it fit to bring in someone else to act for the remaining period? What does this mean? Are there some implied messages behind this? Well certainly for me, I think they are sending us some messages without stating them.

Message #1 Not happy with current leadership team.

I think the first message that is being implied is that they are not happy with the current acting leadership team at the Police Force, or the current leadership team is not effective.  If someone has been acting from November until February, then why should that person not continue to act until May. After all, it is less than three months. From the outside that looks like a slap in the face but then again, we don’t know what is going inside the Police Force but there is an implied message all is not well.  However, the leadership team has acted in the past many times so what is the issue.

Message #2 Leadership is critical.

The right leader is the key to the success of an organization. Is this the implied message that we are getting? Despite the short term the interim police chief is expected to be in that role, it seems to me that the message is clear that leadership is critical. Seriously though, do we really think having someone in a role for less than three months will be impactful. Only time will tell.

Message #3 Try something different.

Like many countries, we have a hard time catching criminals. Rather than using the same people all the time to act, the appointment of an interim police implies that they need to try something. However, I am not sure appointing one person will make a difference. After all, the Police Force will have the same people there.

Message #4 There is no need to wait.

Given that we are expected to have a New Chief of Police I would have thought the powers to be would have waited to see the vision of the New Chief. However, the appointment of an outsider to the interim post implies there is no need to wait. Solving the crime is very critical so let us see what this new interim police chief can do.

Message#5 The UK interim police has more experience

The fifth message is that this interim police has more experience. I noted very carefully how mention is made of how Mr. Eyre led the operational response with terrorist attacks. However, while I do recognize leadership and experience matter, however, for the Police Force to be effective, it requires the team effort from the Police Force. One person alone is not enough.

Message#6 The sources of these criminal activities are not being addressed.

The appointment of an interim Police without appointing others to address the social and moral issues tells me that we are lost as to why criminal activities are taking place. I get it the police must catch the criminals, but the Police does not create criminals. We need to find out why these things are taking place and address them immediately. Having an interim police officer alone will not resolve the issues.


I have mixed feelings about the appointment of an interim Police Chief. As many of you know my views about the Police Force, I do believe an entire shake up in the management is needed. However, at the same time right is right and wrong is wrong. I think it an insult to the current team to bring in someone else to act until May. I think what should have happened is the appointment of an advisory board to the Police Department and Mr. Adams should have continued in his acting role until the New Chief arrives. Mr. Eyre could have been on the advisory board along with other persons in the community including former Commissioners of Police.

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