Are you looking in the right places?

Portrait of stressed young African man praying and looking up outdoors

Are you looking in the right places?

Stop looking in the wrong places for the answers


The world is in chaos and we are all over the place looking and talking about the issues with no resolutions on the horizon. Perhaps, it is because we are looking in the wrong places for the answers. You cannot resolve issues if you are looking in the wrong places. It is time to look in the right place which is in the word of God. The word of God has all the answers but many of us have turned away from God and hence the world is getting worse and worse. The world is faced with an unprecedented increase in crime, poverty, health, pandemics, supply chain crisis, climate change, division, fear and the list goes on and on.

The word of God

If we honour the word of God, we can resolve the issues in the world. Love is one of the greatest commandments in the Bible.  If we just learn to love one another, be kind to one another as the word of God instruct us to, we can alleviate division, poverty, racism and crime. If we love one another, we would not commit crime against others. If we love one another, we would take care of one another and respect one another. Yes the word says the word says the poor you will always have with you and that is because God knows our behaviours. However, poverty does not have to exist if the rich is able to help those in need or show others what they need to do in order to get our poverty. Furthermore, don’t let your riches make you think you are superior to others when the word of God clearly states we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord. If we can grasp this, we can alleviate colourism and racism.

Also, if we were taking care of the earth as we should have, there would be no supply chain and climate change issues. However, because of greed and fast fixes, humans have interfered with our environment and the earth and in so doing created a havoc in the atmosphere. Many may argue and say that God say to have dominion over the earth but that does not mean we should do anything we want to do to God’s creation.

The word of God says he will supply all of our needs but yet we are going all over the place to get our needs met. Some people are turning to drugs, some are turning to alcohol, some are turning to prostitution and some are turning to other false Gods and False prophets

Finally, the word of God says he has not given us a Spirit of fear but yet we are full of fear. We are living our lives in fear and as a result we are not pursuing our purpose.  We are stressed out, we are worried resulting in health issues, and we lack confidence Having faith is the key to overcoming fear.


We are looking in the wrong places for answers. We think we are so intelligent and don’t need God. If we are so are intelligent, then why don’t we solve the issues in the world? The reason we cannot solve the issues is because we have taken God out of the equation. Yes some of the issues are so far gone that they may seem impossible to fix but remember nothing is impossible with God.

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