Be Ambitious and Aim for the Highest.


Be Ambitious and Aim for the Highest.


You are worth more than you think. Some of you are selling your birthrights for as little as nothing. Stop selling yourself short.  This article is to encourage you to embrace the opportunities and privileges. In so doing, be ambitious and aim for the highest.  

Embrace the Promotional Opportunities

Many of you have an opportunity for promotion in the public sector but because the position is based on a certain island, some of you refuse to take it because you do not want to live there.  When opportunities come knocking at your door, embrace them because you may not get these opportunities again and as a result the Government may have to recruit expatriates for the positions  and then we complain about the expatriates occupying the positions. Apply for the positions if you think you are qualified for them.

There are jobs also available in the private sector but you do not apply for them because you believe that the job is for work permit purposes only and so you think you will not be selected. If you think you qualify for something and you want it, then go for it and copy your application to the Labour Department. When I first joined Cable & Wireless as the management accountant, I was told that I would become the financial controller within a year. A year later, I applied for it but the expatriate holder had no intention of leaving the post. Eventually I got the post. Later the position of Chief Executive Officer became available. I applied for the role and was selected and served in that position for more than seven years. If I did not apply for the positions, I would not get them.  

Embrace the Belonger privileges

There are certain privileges that belongers are entitled to such as access to crown land and the reserved business licence categories.

If you have big dreams and goals, and you need land then apply to TCIG for the land. You can get as much land as you want. If you do not apply you will not get it so when you see others get it, don’t complain. That is your privilege.  Government granted many acres of land to expatriates on the Beach and other high end areas throughout TCI and as result, many of them are very successful.

Embrace the reserved business licence categories. If you plan to be in a partnership with an expat or local, put in your portion of the funds representing your shares even if it means you have to borrow the funds. Stop fronting for small monthly kickbacks.

Become the Employer

Too many of us are working so hard for our employers sacrificing so much time. It is good to work hard but start working smart and focus on becoming the employer.  Don’t think you cannot do it. You can and whenever you do, think beyond TCI.


Ensure you are qualify for the position. If you are not qualify, then do what is necessary to equip yourself to become an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur. If you are in partnership, be active in the business and ensure you have a partnership agreement. Be ambitious and aim for the highest.

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