Be careful of the people who you associate with.

Bad company of friends sitting at home

Be careful of the people who you associate with.

They can build you up or drag you down.


Some people are very strong and cannot easily be persuaded. On the other hand, some people are very weak and can easily be influenced. Some of these people lack self-confidence. Some of these people also want to fit it and so they do whatever it takes to fit in. If you are in the category of being weak, be very careful of the people you associate with. You may end up on the wrong path.

It is best to associate with people who will make a positive difference in your life. People that will build you up.

Associate with good company.

You cannot go wrong by associating with good people. Your environment is extremely critical of your behaviour. People tend to act and do the same as others in the environment. Do you want to do good? Then surround yourself with good company.

If you see someone doing well spiritually and mentally, try to associate with them so that you can learn something from them and do likewise. This is why mentorship is very important in helping others to grow.

Stay away from bad company.

I don’t know why but it seems some “good people” are attracted to bad company.  I don’t understand why this happens, but I know it happens sometimes. Bad company can lead you astray to do things you never imagined you would have done.

If you see someone who likes to gossip and always talks negatively about others, stay away from them. If you don’t stay away from them, you may end up becoming a gossiper too.

If you see someone drinking and smoking so much, stay away from them. Drinking and smoking can become very addictive and interfere with your purpose in life.

If you see someone being rude and disrespectful, stay away from them. More than likely, they will be rude and disrespectful to you too.


If you think you can easily be influenced, then stay away from bad company.  If you want to be a good person, associate with good people. If you are not sure who to associate with them, then sometimes it is best you stay by yourself.

I know there is a lot of pressure of being accepted in society and in so doing you may end up associating with the wrong people. Some of you may not be doing anything wrong but the fact that you are associating with the wrong crowd, you may end up being labeled like the rest of the crowd.

Of course, there are some people who pretend to be good, but you must use wisdom and discernment in making the right choices who you surround yourself with.

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