Be fully convinced in your own mind


Be fully convinced in your own mind


Whatever decision you make, be fully convinced in your own mind. I know this may sound ambiguous but the word of God says in Romans 14:5 “One person considers one day more sacred than another, another considers every day alike. Each of them should be fully convinced in their own mind.”

Currently, one of the biggest decisions individuals have to make is whether or not to take the COVID 19 vaccine. There is so much information and misinformation in the public domain about the COVID 19 vaccines in that some vaccinated individuals are worried or concerned about whether or not they made the right decision to take the vaccine. Likewise, there are some unvaccinated individuals who are also worried whether they made the right choice by not taking the vaccine.

I encourage the vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals to be fully convinced in your own mind that you made the right decision as I am quite sure you have valid reasons for your decision. Therefore, I challenge individuals to be considerate and respectful of the decisions that others made. If you want to educate the public about anything, make sure you have evidence to support the claims you made.

This article is not entirely about COVID 19 but it is a great example to illustrate for this topic.

How to be fully convinced in your mind?

I think one of the first steps to be fully convinced in your mind is that if you have already made a decision such as taking the vaccine, recognize and accept the fact that you cannot reverse your decision. I am not a medical person but as far as I know, once you become vaccinated, you cannot go to a medical practitioner to become unvaccinated. Therefore live with your decision and stop worrying about something that you cannot change.

Another way to be fully convinced in your mind is to pray. Pray about everything you do and be at peace with the decision you made. Be confident and have faith that you did the right thing.

Do not be double minded. You have to make up your mind that you did the right thing. Don’t be going back and forth and to and from changing your mind all of the time. Be decisive and know that there is no perfect way. There are weaknesses in everything you do, eat or say which leads me to the next point.

Most people believe they know everything and so they will provide you with convincing information on what they hear or read. Therefore, in order to be fully convinced in your mind, seek the advice of an expert.

Finally, study the word of God for the word has everything you need to know. Whatever you do, be fully convinced in your mind it is based on the word of God. Don’t just look for one part of the scripture or read one verse. Ensure that you understand and study what you read so that you can become fully convinced.


There is a lot of unnecessary tensions among some of the vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. There is also conflicts among the Christian community based on what you should wear, eat or drink.

I do believe the conflicts and tensions are indeed unnecessary and may not diminish because each group is fully convinced in their mind about their beliefs. Of course this does not mean that you should discontinue speaking the truth because there are some individuals who have convinced themselves fully in their minds some wrongs and untruths.

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