Be Kind to One Another

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Be Kind to One Another


Kindness is one of the elements of the fruit of the Spirit as mentioned in Galatians in 5:22-23. According to the dictionary, Kindness is “the quality of being friendly, generous and support.” I know it is a challenge to be kind to someone especially after that individual has betrayed you, took advantage of you, used you and destroyed your character. I know you may be hurt by what others have done to you but I encourage you to “kill them with kindness.”

God wants us to be kind to one another and because God wants that, we should follow suit. Furthermore, there is no reward in being unkind to others. You may feel good about being revengeful towards others but whatever you do, it comes back to haunt you. You do not know the future as the popular phrase says “what goes around, comes around.” If you are kind to others, people will be kind to you and your generation. If you are unkind to others, more than likely, you may be confronted with unkindness from others. Therefore, let us be kind to one another so that we can create an environment of kindness that will be passed from one generation to the next generation.


I know we have different personalities as some of us just do not seem to have a friendly personality. Now I don’t know if being friendly is a personality trait but it sure seems so. Do you being friendly towards others can impact the life of someone? People are experiencing all sorts of emotions but the moment you express friendliness towards them, you may just light up their day.

I try my best to be friendly towards others. I am always smiling with others. As I passed people, I always greet them even if I don’t know them. Make people feel good. If someone made a mistake, don’t be unkind to them and make them feel bad.

Let us practice to be friendlier. Start with a smile and then greet people each time you come into contact with them. As I mentioned in an article two years ago, friendliness is something that is widely practice in the Bahamas where it has become part of their culture.


Be generous towards others. If you are in position to help others, do so and you do not need to let the world know that you have been generous to others. You do not need to take your cameras to showcase your generosity.  Of course, I know there are some exceptions as acts of generosity are the means by which companies promote their community involvement and their businesses.

Being generous does not necessarily mean giving people money all of the time. You can be generous by sharing knowledge to others. If you information that you know can help others, share it with them. Do not keep all of the information to yourself. If you have access things at home such as clothes and food items, be generous by donating to others. Some of us have food items that ended up expiring because we have access and did not use them. Some of us have more clothes and shoes than what we need, be generous. Some of us are killing us with high prices for products and services. Be generous and consider reducing your prices and give others a discount.


One of the major issues we face in our country is the lack of support for one another. Ironically, though, we don’t have a problem destroying and assassinating the characters of others.

There are many people and businesses who are trying different ventures and projects. Support them even if you are not in financial support to do so. You can support them by encouraging them with words. You can also support them by referring others to their business.  Stop discouraging people from pursuing what they want. Show up when they have events. Share their successes with others.


Be authentic with your kindness. If you are faking kindness, somehow, your body language will reveal that. If you have a problem smiling with others, you can certainly start by simply expressing greetings to others.

Kindness is a good thing. We should always want good things in our lives so we can start by getting good things by being kind to one another even if it just saying some beautiful words to others. Remember what goes around comes around.

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