Because of Politics


Because of Politics

Because of Partisanism…………

Because of Partisanism, there is a Delay in the Construction of the South Caicos Terminal Building.
Because of Partisanism, a Local lost a major contract.
Because of Partisanism, we are destroying each other Characters.
Because of Partisanism, people are afraid to speak Out.
Because of Partisansim, we are Divided,

I do not know where to start and I do not know if this article will make a difference but I can no longer sit quiet on this.
Partisanismis destroying us. This cannot be a good environment for anyone to live and work under. There must be a better way to govern a society.
There are only about 13,000 or so Turks and Caicos Islanders of which approximately 9,000 are voters. The ministerial system was introduced in 1976 and one would think by now we would have matured and learned to accept the political choices that people made.
There are far too many personal attacks. The individuals who are the masquerades behind these personal attacks, I want you to consider this, Why do you do what you do? Why are you hurting or destroying another person?
This article will demonstrate that politicians and supporters of both PDM and PNP are guilty of political games.

South Caicos Terminal Building
We are now in the month of July 2018 and by now the new the Terminal Building for South Caicos should have been completed or almost completed.
In 2016, there was a tender process and a local company was selected to construct a new terminal building in South Caicos. In November 2016, the successful bidder was advised and a letter of intent was submitted to the preferred bidderin connection with the final design and construction of the terminal airport.
In December 2016, there was a new government and the rest is history.
You will hear all sorts of stories as to why the project was not started as yet but the truth of the matter is, thecontractor is a supporter of the PNP Party. Our government should not interfere or be involve in the selection process other than to ratify the decision of the Board. TCIG needs to trust the process and accept the results from the Tender Committee but no because of politics, they find ways and means to delay this project thus hurting our own especially an island like South Caicos,
It should not matter what the political party the contractor supports and Govt. should not be listening to gossip. This contractor is a local company and is a Turks and Caicos Islander. After being told he won the bid, the contractor begun the process of recruitment of employees which is now costing this contractor thousands of dollars.
Because of partisanism, South Caicos does not have a terminal building as yet. In fact, if there was no change in government and the project was started from December 2016, the Terminal Building would have been completed by now.

Lost of Contract
In 2004/5, a local lost a major water sports contract at one of the major resorts because this local was a PDM supporter and a politician made sure the resort owner cancelled the contract.Later, that same owner of the resort was granted belongership status and now provides the watersports himself. As a result, not only that local family suffered great financial loss, other potential locals also lost the opportunity. Partisanism has destroyed the livelihood for some of our locals.

Defamation of One’s Character
I have observed the attacks on the characters of our former premier Hon. Rufus Ewing and his family and our current premier Hon. Sharlene Cartwright Robinson and her family.I now see an increase in attacks on the supporters of the political parties such as Audley Astwood and Jamell Robinson. Leave these individuals alone. Do not destroy these people and their families’ characters. It is worst when we are involving children in these attacks. My question is what are we gaining by attacking these individuals and their families? People should have the right to support whatever political party they choose but no one should attack them and their families. Attack the issues, the policies or the promises that were made by our politicians but they did not deliver. Can we please stop these personal attacks on individuals? Supporters of both political parties are doing it. The ironic thing about this attack is that some of these same individuals may one day switch political parties and you will be praising them as evident in the most recent election. They are the same individuals, they only switch parties. Open your eyes TCI. Be careful the same very people you attack may one day have to come to you or your family rescue. No one knows the future.

Afraid to Speak Out
Because of partisanism, very few people are bold enough speak out on pertinent issues in this country. We are so loyal to the political parties that we do not want to appear we are against them. Wealso fear victimization and we do not want to lose any contracts or business so we are afraid to speak out on issues.
Turks and Caicos Islanders, speak out on issues and offer solutions and recommendations but please do not attack individuals personally.

We are Divided
Because of partisanism, we are so divided. Is this what we want for TCI? I thought we wanted a United TCI. Families are separated because of politics. Hatred among fellow Turks and Caicos Islanders is increasing because of politics.
Because of partisanism, some people are not speaking the truth and are misleading the electorate just to maintain their support. Because or partisanism, projects are intentionally delayed so that one party can get credit for another party’s work.
Because of partisanism, we are unable to see or admit the wrong or the right that our politicians do. We only talk about it if the politician doing the right thing is on our side and the politician doing the wrong thing is not on our side.
Because of partisanism, we have a House of Assembly in a lot of confusion and disarray.
Because of partisanism, some gain jobs and some lose jobs especially with the Statutory Boards.
Because of partisanism, we tend to only use the talent from one party when in fact there is talent on both sides and so we are limiting the use of the country pool of talented resources.

Politicians do what is right in the interest of Turks and Caicos. Forget about what political affiliation someone or a company belongs to. Some people are switching every four years. The same people you rejected may be the same very ones who you will need to win the next election. Leaders set an example and “stop paying lip service.”
My fellow Turks and Caicos Islanders and friends, when you hear someone speaking negative about someone, do not engage in it. Start saying something positive. There is something good about everyone. If you get a Wats app about someone, do not forward that wats app, delete it or block the messenger that send it. By forwarding the wats app, we are just as guilty as the persons sending them out. We need to build each other up and unite as a country and one way to do so is to be positive about each other.

The TCI has one of the smallest population in the world. Can we set an example by living in unity and by appreciating each other political persuasion? We want people to respect each other only when it is your turn but is ok for you and your supporters to disrespect the other side. How can we love others if we hate our own brothers and sisters because of politics?
Wake up TCI. Stop letting partisan politics destroy this small nation of ours. Really and Truly, the politicians are they only ones benefitting from this scheme getting their hefty salaries and pension for life while you the electorate is still struggling day after day.
Each day as I get older and wiser, I am convinced that this current political system we have in TCI is not suited for us.

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