Become an expert in whatever you do.

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Become an expert in whatever you do.

It pays to be an expert – It pays to use an expert


Some of us take short cuts in life and sometimes it is because of our financial needs and sometimes if because of the urgency of the situation. In so doing, we chose the cheapest and quickest ways to remedy the issues. The issues may be resolved but only on a temporary basis because whatever or whoever we used to fix the problem did not know exactly what they were doing and as a result you find yourself spending more time and money to fix the same issue you already paid someone to do.

The best thing in life is to become an expert in whatever you do. According to, an expert is “a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.”  The key words in this definition are comprehensive and authoritative.

Once you acquired the necessary skills and knowledge in becoming an expert in your field, you increase your value. This is one of the reasons why you have to pay so much to an expert. While using an expert may be costly, it is worth in the long run when compare to how many times you have to do the same thing multiple times using a non-expert.

Become an expert

The world is very competitive and in order to compete effectively, you should become an expert in what you do. You can become an expert through extensive and continuous training. For example, if you want to become an accountant, don’t just settle being a bookkeeper. Get a degree in accounting and pass the professional designation exams. If you want to expand as an electrician, become a certified electrician. The good news is that in the Turks and Caicos Islands, the Community College is offering certification for electricians. Many of you may have the hands on experience in your field which is good, but enrolled in some courses to get the necessary certification. Sooner or later, the minimum requirements for entry into a workplace or to be a successful bidder will be that the applicant should be certified in that field.

It pays to be an expert

It pays to be an expert. The good news is that once you obtain knowledge, no one get take it away from you. People can rob you of material things but they cannot rob you of your knowledge. Being an expert gives you competitive advantage. It also builds up your confidence level. Being an expert makes you more valuable to an organization and your charge out rate can be higher than a non-expert. As an expert, people will trust you and rely on you more.

It pays to use an expert

Too many times, you are making decisions and sometimes life changing decisions from individuals and things who are not experts. Based on my experience, it pays to use an expert despite the cost of doing so. Most times, the benefits outweigh the cost. For example, I have an accounting business, and because some individuals are proficient in QuickBooks, they call themselves accountants and people use them but when they need a loan from the bank, the bank asked these businesses for financial statements from a Certified Public Accountant. In the end, that business has to pay now a CPA to do the same work that they paid a non-expert to do.


I know everyone is trying to make ends meet but we need to ensure that we are an expert in what we do. An investment in equipping yourself with training is all that you need to do. Stop taking short cuts in life because you will be cutting short many benefits in your life.

Now I know some of you may argue and say that you use an expert and that expert was not as good as non-expert. There will be occasions when this happen but it will not happen often. Ensure you know who you are using for not everyone who says they are experts, are actually experts.

The discussion of the COVID 19 vaccine is a prime example. There are too many “experts” who think they know everything about the vaccine. Be very careful and rely on information from an expert.

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