Being a father is one of the greatest roles in life

Fathers day concept

Being a father is one of the greatest roles in life

Happy Father’s Day!



First, Happy Father’s Day. I think one of the greatest roles in life is being a parent. While there are some challenges in being a parent, the rewards and joy of being a parent far outweighs the challenges

The children that God has given us are precious gifts and we should not take these gifts for granted. We should nurture and take care good care of these children.

I encourage you today, no matter what your circumstances are, to be the best father you can be.

Be there for your children

Always be there for your children even if you and the mother are not on good terms. Remember that child is your child and will one day grow up and will remember your presence or lack of presence in their life.

Don’t let your job or anything else become a priority over your children. Find time to pick them up and drop them from school. Go to their events. Don’t tell them you will call them later and never call them. Call them daily. It is the small things that matter.

Spend quality time with your children. Take them out. These children grow up so fast sooner or later they will be parents.

One day you will grow old, and it will be your children who will be there for you. If you were not there for them, they may not be there for you

Be an example

Believe me, your children and watching you and other people are watching you. Therefore, be a good example in your children’s life by doing what is right. Don’t be cursing, cheating and drinking in front of your children. Don’t say anything negative about their mother.

You may get upset sometimes about the behaviour of your children but some of us need to reflect on that and maybe they are behaving that way because of us.

I believe that generational curses and blessings are real. If you do what is wrong and you do not correct it, it will be passed on to your children and grandchildren. If you do what is right, those blessings will be passed on to your children.

Be a financial provider

Money is not everything, but money helps in raising children. Make sure you do your part in being a financial provider for your children. Some ladies are raising children on their own and some fathers are not helping at all. Some are paying the minimum amount. Please take care of your children. Now sometimes there are some fathers who just are financial providers and do not do anything else. Being a father is more than being a financial provider.


Fathers, if you do not do your part, someone else will step up and take over your role. Children need guidance. They cannot and should not raise themselves. A mother should not have to raise a child by herself. A child requires both parents in their presence even if the parents are not together.

There are some great fathers and there are some that really need to buckle up and carry out the role of being a father.

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