Blame yourself and take responsibility.

I will be responsible here if something is not done properly!

Blame yourself and take responsibility.

Stop blaming everything and everybody else.


I believe many individuals spend too much time blaming everything and everybody else except for themselves for their circumstances. Of course, this is nothing new as the blame game has been around since e creation of the world. Do you remember how Eve blamed the serpent and how Adam blamed Eve for eating the forbidden fruit?

It is time we reflect on our personal situations and the issues facing our country and realize that we must take responsibility for our actions and blame ourselves.

You see while we are spending all our time and energy blaming others, those same individuals that we are blaming are perhaps moving ahead while some of us remain in the state we are in or find ourselves in a worst state.

Blame yourself, not the “foreigners”

As you know I don’t like to use the word foreigners, but one thing we must come to accept is that our country is growing and there are not enough Turks and Caicos Islanders in the country and so we will have to invite other people to come and work in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

We should not be blaming the expatriates for the jobs they occupied. They were brought in and some of us brought them in. Furthermore, some of us have left the Turks and Caicos to live abroad and if we go abroad, who do you think will replace you.

Some of us also say a foreigner can get a job faster than a local. We need to blame ourselves. When you see a job being advertised, apply for the job. If you do not apply for the job, it sends a message you are not interested and therefore that job more than likely will be occupied by an expatriate.

Despite what is being said, there are a lot of opportunities in this country, and I believe it is obvious and many expatriates come here and set up their businesses to embrace these opportunities. We also must do the same. We must not be afraid to take risks. I believe every adult Turks and Caicos Islander should be an entrepreneur. Embrace the grants from Invest TCI. Stop blaming the foreigners. There are quite a few individuals who continue to blame the foreigner when we ourselves are fronting for others. Then who do we blame.

Many of us are in a key position to help others. Some of us are helping others and some of us are keeping others down. Who do we blame? Even if no one is helping you, reach out to others for help, understudy others and do research so that you can be successful in whatever you do. Take responsibility for your actions or inaction.

We have the Community College offering free tuition to Turks and Caicos Islanders and BOTCs. Are many Turks and Caicos Islanders embracing this opportunity? Who do we blame?

Blame yourself if you do not hold the Government accountable.

We must hold the Government accountable, however, we need to blame ourselves for some of the things that take place. How did the Government get elected? We the people voted for the Government.

We are too enshrined in the party politics, and we hardly see the wrong that our party does. When you remain silent, it means consent. Speak out and up about the issues. Don’t be afraid to hold the Government accountable even if it is your party. If you don’t do this, then blame yourself.

Let your voices be heard and stop voting based on partisan politics. Call up and speak to your representative.

Blame yourself not the police.

There is constant blame on the police for the crimes. While they do play a role, some of us need to blame ourselves because we are aware of the activities of the criminals, but we remain silent. I know there is a lack of trust, but we can help solve some of these crimes if we report the criminals.

Blame yourself not your employer.

Sometimes it is not your employer, it is you. Perhaps it is your attitude. Perhaps it is your tardiness. Perhaps it is your lack of confidentiality. Sometimes it is you so stop blaming your employer for everything. Buckle up and be honest and have the right attitude.

Blame yourself, not your partner.

Many of us blame our partners for everything. We do not see anything wrong in what we do. All of us have weaknesses. Stop blaming your partner for everything. Examine yourself and realize that part of the issue is you.

Why do we blame others?

As I mentioned in the introduction, blaming others is something that we inherited from Adam and Eve and so we continue to have a blame game culture in our society.

We also blame others because it is the easiest thing to do and a good defense mechanism.

We blame others because we do not take responsibility for our actions. We believe it is others that cause us to be in the position that we are in.

We do not see anything wrong with us. It is always the other people.

How to take responsibility?

We must take responsibility for your actions. One way to do so is to acknowledge that we have weaknesses. Document your weaknesses and see how you can improve on them.

Another way to take responsibility is to admit your wrongdoings.

You can also speak to someone if you find yourself always blaming other people. Maybe that person will allow you to see from a different perspective.

Another way is to put yourself in the other person’s position and thoroughly examine the situation objectively.


I am not suggesting that you blame yourself for everything because there are some situations in life that were caused by other people. Some of us are the way we are because of generational curses, and we cannot help ourselves unless we are delivered and get some counselling.

However, we must stop blaming people for everything.  Everybody cannot be at fault; part of the problem must be you and you need to accept that and do something about it. Blaming others is a waste of time and does nothing for you.

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