Bridging the Political Divide.

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Bridging the Political Divide.


One of the greatest factors causing a division in a country is due to politics. The majority of citizens have align themselves with one of the major parties. Somehow this affiliation with the political parties is so strong that we do not see the good in others who are on the opposing team.

There is a clarion call by many to unite but until we reach a point in our lives and realize that we must put country over politics, the division in a country will continue to widen deeper.

I know I have made a call to eliminate the current two party system but I know that will not happen right now and so we will have to live with this system until more people open their eyes and begin to move away from this divisive system. In the meantime, we must be able to respect the desires of individuals and be willing to work together to make a brighter future for our country.

We can do this through a number of ways.

Appointment of Board Members

One way to bridge the political divide is to stop appointing members to the Board just because they are supporting of the Governing party in power. I know this is the status quo but we must break away from it and appoint the people with the relevant knowledge and who would get things on the Board and the appointment should be done jointly by both major political parties.  I viewed some of the appointments to these Boards particularly the District Boards and it is unbelievable. Do we only have one set of people who can serve on Boards?

If we can get the right people on the Boards no matter their political persuasion then it can perhaps lead to bridging the divide.

The role of the Speaker

While it is true, that the Speaker is appointed by the Governing body, the role of the Speaker is an opportunity to bridge the political divide by being unbiased in dealing with the Government and the Opposition

If the Speaker is bias, his actions can lead to a further political divide.

Leaders must lead by example

Believe it or not, thousands of followers follow their leader and so leaders must lead by example. Be mature in dealing with individuals. Once you become the Government of the day, you are the Government for the people. It is not a PDM Government and it is not a PNP Government even though the party with the majority of seats become the Government.

Leaders should embrace everyone and not be bias in their treatment of individuals even if these individuals did not support you and constructively criticize you.

Leaders should never encourage their followers to “bad mouth” individuals on the other side but it is well known that some of these negative stories about individuals are being encouraged by leaders.

Leaders, sometimes the simple things matter. If you are going to greet people, greet everyone. Don’t just say hi to the people that you think voted for you and then passed straight the people who did not vote for you.

Leaders should recognize the accomplishments of everyone not just those persons that voted for that party but yet some of these very leaders want to speak about unity from time to time and especially on JAGS McCartney Day when their actions are far from it.

Encourage individuals of different persuasion to come together

I believe individuals from different political persuasion should come together on a regular basis to discuss and develop solutions for a country.  Too many times we are afraid to unite because we do not want our political party to think we are against them if we constructively criticize them.

It would even be better if some of us come together and establish businesses together despite our political affiliations. This would send a strong message to the electorate that no matter who you are, you can still work together.


A country (whether small or large) should not be divided over politics. We think politicians and the political parties are the answers to our issues but they have proven they are not so why do we have a political divide?

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