Celebrate that day but what you do next is just as important.

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Celebrate that day but what you do next is just as important.

Keep your word.


I believe special days or milestones should be celebrated. However, what you do after the celebration of that special event is just as important.

We recently celebrated JAGS McCartney Day, our first and only named National Hero. Every year, we come together to honour the Most Excellent Right Hon. JAGS McCartney with great speeches and great songs. Many of us get excited and emotional during the event and agree with the messages but after the event is over, some of us go right back to our old ways, living our lives as if we didn’t even listen to the messages and songs. This defeats the purpose of the impact of the event. After reflecting on the life of JAGS and listening to the messages, we should make up our minds to stay focused and try to act on what was said or heard during JAGS Day.

Celebrate the day but keep your word afterwards.

The celebration of JAGS McCartney Day is just an example of what I am trying to say in this article. However, we have other special days we love to celebrate. Another special day we celebrate is the birth of a child and their birthdays thereafter. The critical thing though is to train that child properly. Don’t abandon your child. Honour your word when you christen that child.

Another very special day is your wedding day. It is a great event to celebrate. It is so great that people spend thousands of dollars on their wedding. However, the marriage is more important than the wedding. You made a commitment to your spouse during that wedding ceremony. Honour your word. A lot of marriages fail because we do not stay focused, and we did not stick to our words.

Many people also celebrate and get excited when they graduate from college, get a job, or open a business. This is good but the success of your college education, your job or your business depends on what you do next. Keep working on becoming each day. Be excited the same way you were when you graduated or started that job or business.

Another big celebration that takes place is when someone becomes a Christian. Becoming a Christian is an exciting and emotional time for a believer. However, you can easily lose your relationship with God if you do not remain in the word of God. Therefore, it is important what you do next after you become a Christian.


I hope by now you see the importance of what you do next after the celebration of that special event. Celebrate but let us not forget the promises you made on that day. If you keep your word, you can maintain your marriage, you can maintain your relationship with God, you will do great on your job or business and you will love and take care of your children and live in harmony among others.

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