Choose the right team! An eighth recipe for success.

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Choose the right team! An eighth recipe for success.

“Jesus went up on a mountainside and called to him those he wanted, and they came to him. 14 He appointed twelve[a] that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach.” Mark 3:13-14


The eighth recipe for success is in life is to have the right team. In order to have a successful marriage, the husband and wife must be the right team. In the work place whether it is a business, a school or a football team, the efficiency and success of the work place depend largely on having the right team in place. While some organizations are prospering despite not having the right team, the potential to do better is even greater with the right people onboard in your organization.

Even Jesus Christ had a team. Jesus selected twelve apostles who would be more or less his inner circle and the people he chose were from diverse background who would be used to restore the Kingdom. You know the story though that one of his team members betrayed him. Of course Jesus knew this betrayal would take place as the scripture had to be fulfilled. There are many Judases in the home, the church and the workplace. Be aware of this. Sometimes you see the signals but you still allow Judas in your midst. Chose the right people


One of the first things to do is to seek the Lord in prayer for direction on having the right person or persons in your company. Sometimes we are so desperate for someone whether for a husband, a wife, a girlfriend, a boyfriend or an employee and we select the first person that comes along. Because of our quick decision, we end up with the wrong person. After you pray, be patient. God will send the right person or persons. In Luke 6:12, Jesus prayed to God all night and the next day, he appointed his 12 apostles.


In order to be successful, you need a team that will enhance you.  When Jesus appointed the twelve, he sent them out soon thereafter on a mission to spread the word, to heal the sick and force demons out. He was confident in their ability and independence to carry out their tasks. The people in your team should not be parasites. They should be able to help you to achieve your purposes. The wife and husband should complement and enhance each other. Employees should bring value to your organization. Don’t have people in your team because of physical characteristics, empathy and familiarity. Ensure they are wise and knowledgeable. Some may lack experience but if they are trainable and have the right attitude, recruit them and train them so they can enhance your organization.

Do the Work

The enhancement will take place as result of the team doing their work and doing it effectively and efficiently. A marriage can be enhanced if both the husband and wife work on it. Leaders will be happy if the team works hard and do their part rather than leaving everything for the leader to do. Working hard involves a lot of practice. I believe you will also work hard if you enjoy what you are doing. Don’t become apart of a team if you do not like the work that it involves.

No side deals or short cuts.

Jesus told the disciples to do those things above without charging and not too carry certain things with them. Too many people are in marriages and in the work place doing things on the side or trying to cut deals or short cut their employer or spouse. Your spouse has needs, don’t short cut them by fooling around on them. The client of your employer is paying for their services and have needs. You are getting pay to do your job. Stop trying to cut deals on the sides. Don’t short change your client time by spending time on the mobile or doing something else. The client deserves to get value for the service he is paying for. The client should not be charged for your idle time.

Loyalty and Commitment.

Your team should be loyal to you. In Matthew 6:38 Jesus told his disciples that whoever does not take his cross and follow up don’t deserve to be his disciples. Too many marriages are fallen apart because one of the spouse decides to cross the line with someone else. Too many employees are not loyal to the work place. They are setting up their companies on the side and trying to take business away from their own employer directly and indirectly.  Like Jesus’s disciples, you do not deserve to be part of an organization if you are not loyal and committed to that organization.


It is hard finding the right team. Sometimes you think you have known a person and soon realize that the person you thought you knew is not what you thought. Do not rush in getting the right people. Date for as long as you can before you decide to get marry. In the business world, enforce the probationary period even if you have to extend it to ensure you have the right team before making a long term commitment. Finally do not take anything for granted. Please perform reference checks on your team before getting involve with them. You may be surprise what you discover. Having the right team will allow the leaders to reduce some of their workload and have a balanced time with their family and friends.

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