Commit to Your Commitments

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Commit to Your Commitments


Many of us have made commitments but we do not honour some of our commitments. I quite understand that sometimes events take place that may prevent you from committing to your commitments and if this is the case, it is best that you be upfront with the relevant parties to let them know that you will not be able to commit rather than being dishonest or playing along as if you are committed.

I was in a conversation with a few guys the other day and one of them asked me if a lady approach me or sit in my lap, would I take it further or if were to go on a trip abroad by myself and I run into a lady, would I cheat on my wife. I told them I could not do that as I have commitment to my wife and my family. All of the other guys say they would do it but they just wouldn’t tell their wives. Because of that conversation, I decided to pen this article on commit to your commitments.

Commit to Your Commitments

Whatever your commitments are, commit to them. You made a commitment to your spouse when you got married. Commit to your marriage. I know that some marriages do not work out but your marriage can work out if you commit to it. Yes men will come into contact with beautiful women and likewise women will meet some handsome men but if you are already married, then you should not pursue someone else. How would you feel if your spouse did it to you? How would you feel if someone did that to your child?

You made a commitment to your work. I know some people are not happy with their jobs but you made the decision to accept that job and so you should be committed to your work. Promote your company, be to work on time, do your best on your job and learn as much as you can about your job. Be committed. Do not steal from your work or badmouth your company.

Some of you made a commitment to serve God but yet we are a living a life contrary to the word of God. Don’t try to serve God and Mammon the same time. Be committed to God

Some of you made promises to people. Some of you even borrowed money from institutions and individuals without repaying them. Honour your commitments. Remember what goes around, comes around.

Some of you have made goals such as completing your college degree or putting aside some funds for a particular project. Commit to your goals. If you don’t, you may not be able to achieve them.

Some of you made commitments to serve as leaders whether in the church, the private sector or Government. Commit to the commitments you made to serve as leaders. Don’t put yourself ahead of others.

How to Commit?

I know life is full of temptations, however, despite the temptations, .don’t cross the line. Even if you think no one is watching you, act as if someone is watching you.

Always stay in the company of the right people who will encourage you to commit. If you find yourself with the wrong company, stay away otherwise you may not fulfil your commitment.

Control yourself. Being committed requires control and self-discipline.

Seek advice and listen to the advice that is given.

If you borrow money from someone and you cannot commit to the exact repayment amount, discuss and agree with the borrower to pay a lower amount and do it.


Some people take the risks hoping that no one will find out if they do not commit to their tasks. The truth is, the truth will eventually come out even if your act of disloyalty took place in a different country, island or city. Before you make commitment to anything or anyone, make sure your commitment is realistic and it is something that you can uphold. When you do not commit to your commitments, you create havoc for others. Individuals are hurt and the Organization is hurt. You can avoid hurting people by being committed to your commitments. Too many people want titles but don’t live up to their commitments that the titles reflect.

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