Congrats Josiah and Jostin!

Jostin and Josiah graduation picture

Congrats Josiah and Jostin!

They have graduated from elementary school.



On Wednesday, June 19th, the last two of our children, Josiah and Jostin, graduated from Grade 6 at Providence International Academy. I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. & Mrs. Chung and all the teachers of the institution for being a part of their elementary education. I also want to thank the principal and teachers at Precious Treasures where they first started off and then moved onto Community Christian Academy and then finally to Providence International Academy.

It is a celebration

Graduating from elementary school may not seem significant to some but it is a great milestone and should be celebrated. It is during this period that they learn how to read and write. It was during this time when they had to leave home for the first time to be around other students.

It is such a joyous time because your child has completed one of the first steps of their educational journey and it deserves a celebration.

From Mom and Dad

Joanna and I are so proud of both of you. We thank God for bringing you this far in your life and please do not take it for granted. Even though we have three other children, the two of you just make our lives even more fun, especially when you try to pretend to be on another as you are twins.

We love you and we know you will do well in the next phase of your educational journey to secondary school.

Continue to work hard, study hard, make sure you understand and do the best you can. Continue to believe in God and believe in your dreams and never compare yourself to anyone else. You made this far, and you will make it even further.

From your siblings

Your sister Drexanna and brothers Jowell and DJ are also proud of you and take this opportunity to congratulate you.

From your grandmother

Your grandmother Violet Gardiner wishes you the best and prays for your strength and faith as you enter secondary school.

From the rest of the family

Your aunts, uncles and cousins also congratulate you on this milestone. There are too many of them to mention but you know who they are.


Growing up, we did not have any primary graduation ceremonies. I am not sure when the ceremonies started to occur in Turks and Caicos, but I think it is a great thing and deserves celebration. To all the other students and parents, congratulations on this milestone. We wish you the best in your future endeavours.

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