Consistency matters!


Consistency matters!


I believe most of us have goals (written or unwritten) but one of the challenges that many of us face in achieving our goals is that we are not consistent.  According to Cambridge Dictionary the definition of consistency is “the quality of always behaving or performing in similar way, or of always happening in a similar way.”

The goal for some people is to lose weight. Some people achieve that goal while others did not. The people that achieved the goal was consistent in their approach. They did what they had to do on a weekly or daily basis. Those that did not achieve that goal was not consistent. They started a plan but they did not remain consistent.

The goal for some of us is to live a godly life. Many of us struggle with that. However, the good news is that the word of God can be our guide to live a godly live as the word of God is unchangeable. If we abide by the word of God, we can be consistent in our daily walk with God.

The Importance of Consistency

The consistency and lack of consistency demonstrate your character. People will know who you are based on your consistent patterns. On the other hand, people will know who you are also based on your inconsistent patterns.

Consistency builds trust. If you are consistent in your approach, people tend to trust you. However, if suddenly your behaviour changes, people begin to question your sincerity and will not trust you. For example, I try to be consistent in what I write. I also try my best to live by what I say. When you say something and do something different, you are inconsistent resulting in confusion.

Consistency will make you grow and lack of consistency can destroy you. If you are consistent in prayer and in the word of God, you will grow in the Lord. If you are not consistency, your relationship with the Lord can be compromised. Consistency on the job will make room for advancement. However, if you are not a good consistent worker, your chances of promotion are slim.

How to be Consistent?

Some people are not consistent because they are trying to please everyone. People are different from each other and so if you are trying to please everyone it will be difficult to be consistent. The best thing to do is stand firm in what you believe in and live by what you believe in.

Practice consistency. Sometimes, it may take you some time to be consistent. One way to do so is to be practice consistency. Try it for a week, then a month and so on.

Do a self-evaluation. Review what you have said or done and do a self-evaluation on whether or not you have been consistent.

Stick to the word of God. If you stick to the word of God, you can become consistent.


Being consistent can break you or make you. I challenge all of us to be consistent in everything we do and say. Do not be a hypocrite. Consistency matters!

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