Dealing with Betrayal.

Dealing with Betrayal.


One thing for sure is that the Bible has the answers in dealing with all the issues we face in our lives. This article is on dealing with betrayal.

Judas Iscariot was one of the twelve disciples that Jesus chose initially. He betrayed Jesus Christ for thirty (30) pieces of silver. I am not sure why Judas betrayed Jesus and how much 30 pieces of silver were worth at that time. However, Judas later regretted his decision to betray Jesus and eventually committed suicide.

The thing is Jesus knows everything. He knew that Judas was going to betray him. Unlike Jesus, we do not know when someone will betray us and who will betray us.  Many of us have put all of our confidence and trust in so many people that we do not expect these individuals to betray us. It is so painful dealing with betrayal especially when it comes from your close friends and family members. However, we see how Jesus dealt with the betrayal of Judas. Jesus still turned around and wash the feet of his disciples including Judas’.

Betrayed by Family

Due to jealousy, Joseph’s brother betrayed him. Despite the fact that his brothers betrayed him, Joseph forgave his brothers. In fact, later in life, Joseph realized that the betrayal by his brothers was an opportunity to secure a better life for his family. However, at the time of the betrayal, his brothers did not know that. What about you?  Would you forgive your family for betraying you?  Today there is so much betrayal by family members and some have died without forgiving each other. Do not let this be you. I know it is hard to trust someone after you have been betrayed but you must learn to forgive that person even if you are no longer friends.

David’s son Absalom betrayed him by trying to assume the role of King. Even though David was aware of this struggle, he did not seek revenge. Instead David turned to the Lord. Today we see there is so much betrayal by friends and family for leadership positions whether in Government or in the Private sector. Sometimes these betrayals are just for power and more money. This type of betrayal is dangerous and these individuals cannot be trusted. However, do not seek revenge on these individuals as their time will come. Romans 12:19 states “Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord. 

Betrayed by Friends and Spouse

Friends betray friends for many different reasons. One of those reasons is jealousy. I am not sure what causes jealousy but it seems like a spirit of jealousy comes upon you when you see others are doing better than you and because of that you betray your friends.

Like friends, individuals betray their spouses for different reasons. Some of those reasons are just simply lust, abusive relationship, lack of attention, being close with other people and not drawing the lines and loss of interest in the spouse.

The story about David and Bathsheba involve the betrayal by friends and spouse. David was on the roof and saw the beautiful Bathsheba bathing. David knew that she was married to Uriah,  and despite this knowledge he still slept with the lady. The Bible does not indicate whether it was consensual or rape. However it was abuse of authority and it appears to be consensual so David betrayed Uriah and Bathsheba betrayed her husband. In fact, she ended up getting pregnant for David. David dealt with this betrayal by setting up Uriah at the forefront of the battle resulting in the loss of his life. Eventually David married Bathsheba.

The manner in which David dealt with this betrayal was wrong. It is still happening today in societies throughout the world. There are several reasons for betrayal in the aforementioned but one of the biggest reasons appear to be lust of someone’s body. You see a beautiful person and you believe you must have that person at all means.

Rather than killing someone, isn’t it better to just walk away. I know it is hard to forgive a friend or family member after they have betrayed your trust especially if it involves your spouse or children. The best thing to do is to get some counselling, separate from that friend or family member for a period of time to reflect and learn from it. There is a lesson in everything.


Sometimes we accuse others of betraying us and we act like we are so innocent. However, maybe we are also guilty of betraying others. Betrayal can come in many different ways such as talking to others about your friends and releasing confidential information that someone entrusted you with. The key thing is, that we should not seek revenge, no matter how hard or difficult the betrayal was.

Do not let your desire for greed, money and sex cause you to betray your friends and family members. Draw the line and establish boundaries on things you will not do or do. If you find yourself unable to control your desires, talk to someone and seek help.

Life is too short for betrayal and trust me what goes around will come around. You may enjoy the fruits of your betrayal on a short term basis but you will reap pain and sorry in the long term.

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