Do not be selective in who you respect – Respect Everyone. “Respect is due to a dog.”

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Do not be selective in who you respect – Respect Everyone. “Respect is due to a dog.”

“Show proper respect to everyone, love the family of believers, fear God, honour the emperor.” 1 Peter 2:17


The Bible clearly states that we should show proper respect to everyone but unfortunately, we tend to show respect to those persons with wealth and those persons with high social status.

The fact is, God made all of us and while some persons may appear to be in a better and higher position than others, it does not mean they are better and higher than you and deserve more respect than you. No one is better than you for you are all equal in the sight of God. If only, we as individuals can grasp and accept that, then perhaps we will learn to respect everyone. In so doing there will be no need for clarion call for us to respect our leaders.

I know that some may argue that respect is earned. However, respect is something that should be given to all persons because God says so. Perhaps some of you do not respect your own self because of the circumstances that you are in. Perhaps some of you are encouraging others to disrespect others.

Respect those in Authority

Sometimes when we hear respect those in Authority, naturally we think about our politicians.  However, those in authority are not just the politicians, but also our pastors, our parents, our teachers, our principals, our bosses, our police officers and the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, there is so much disrespect for those in authority where it reaches a point where individuals do not care what they say about others. Some teachers are so afraid to go the classrooms because of the disrespect by some students. Some parents are not even comfortable staying in their own homes because of the disrespect by some of their children.  The disrespect for our political leaders have gone to lowest level ever during the last administration and the current administration. Unfortunately, some of us stood silent and did not say anything. The majority of people that were demanding respect for our leaders were well known proponents of the last and current administration respectively. Respect should not be linked to any political party in office. It is a shame the disrespect shown to our last two premiers,  Hon. Sharlene Cartwright Robinson and Hon. Rufus Ewing.

Respect those Not in Authority too

We must also show respect for those who are not in any authoritative position. Many times, we disrespect individuals because of the role or job they occupy. For example, many of us disrespect our housekeepers. We feel we can talk to them in any manner, pay them below minimum wage and pay them when we feel like.

We also disrespect individuals based on the origin of their country and the myths associated with that country. If you are from a country that is considered poor, you barely get any respect. The only time someone from a “poor” country may get respect if he or she represents your country in a sporting events

It is a shame how we disrespect our brothers and sisters because of their background, nationality, race, career and social status.

Lead By Example

Everyone should respect everyone and one way to do so is to lead by examples. Those in authority should respect each other and encourage their followers to follow suit. Do not encourage your followers to disrespect others because what you sow, you shall reap. Perhaps some followers have been reprimanded but they continue to be disrespectful. I know that the political parties have group chats. Anytime a message comes in that chat that is disrespectful, the message should be removed and the individual who sent it should be reprimanded. This is leading by example.

Husbands and wives respect each other. If you are married, respect your marriage.  Lead by example so your children can follow suit.


There is a popular saying that “respect is due to a dog.” If respect is expected to be given to a dog, then respect should certainly be given to all humankind. Should we learn to respect everyone and lead by example, then we can have a respectful society. It is not too late to have a respectful society. We want people to respect us but we do not respect others. Respect everyone and stop being selective in who you respect.

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