Do not be too disappointed with your disappointments.

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Do not be too disappointed with your disappointments.


I believe there is one thing in life we cannot avoid is being disappointed. You got disappointed because you did not get that loan approved. You got disappointed because you did not get that position you applied for. You got disappointed because your child dropped out of college. You got disappointed that your teenager got pregnant. You got disappointed because the things that you were praying for did not take place. You got disappointed because you lost your job. You got disappointed because the people that you helped have turned their backs on you. You got disappointed because that relationship did not work out. You got disappointed because of the results from the elections. You got disappointed because of your grades.

There are many other reasons why you get disappointed but whatever disappointments you encounter in life, don’t be too disappointed with your disappointments. If you become too disappointed in your disappointments, it may lead to other issues such as worrying, fretting and becoming angry. Furthermore, if you become so caught up in your disappointments, you may end up becoming distracted and lose your focus in achieving your goals and purposes in life.

How not to be “too” disappointed?

I know it is so easy to say do not be too disappointed with your disappointments but the truth is when you are faced with disappointments you feel hopeless, rejected and embarrassed at the time of your disappointment even though you may have been disappointed in the past. Whenever you get disappointed, step back, relax and view your disappointments as an opportunity for something better. That job you did not get may be a good thing. Something better may come your way. That person that walked out on you, just maybe that was not the person for you and sooner or later you will find the right person. Always think positive about the disappointments even though it will be hard to do so.

I think sometimes we are too disappointed with our disappointments because we are afraid of what others will think about you and your family. You do not need to be concern about what others think about you for they too have disappointments in their lives. Their disappointments may not be the same as your disappointments but they have disappointments.

This leads to the next point which is to recognize that disappointments will come in our lives. No matter how good you are and the good you do for others, you will be disappointed at some point in your life.

Do not let the disappointments keep you down. That job you lost may be an opportunity to start your own business. If you did not lose that job, you may have remain in that position for years without even making steps to start your own company.

Do not give up. Because you are faced with disappointment after disappointment, it does not mean that you will not get the desires of your heart. Keep trying and keep praying.


Always look at disappointments as lessons in life. When I reflect on some of the disappointments in my life, those disappointments were to protect me and provide me with better opportunities. Therefore do not waste your time and energy on being too disappointed with your disappointments. Yes you will be disappointed but it is not the end of your world. Live your life with the expectation that something good will come out of these disappointments.

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