DO not bury your talent


DO not bury your talent

Everyone Has At  Least One Talent.

It Is Within You.

Do Not Bury It.

Find it.  Cultivate It and Invest in It.



Matthew 25: 14-30 is about the parable of the talents, in which a master gave five talents to one servant, two to another servant and one to the next servant. The one with the five made five more, the one with the two talents made two more and the one with the one talent hid his talent. While this story maybe about money (I think), there is a talent in each of us and we can use this story as an example of what we should do with our talents. The talent story in the Bible was not put there just so but to illustrate something very important about our talents.


How to Find Your Talents?

God made each of us and the fact that he created us means that we are special. When God made us, I am convinced he provided us with inherent talents similar to the parable story in which the master provided his servants with talents. Our talents are those gifts inside of you that function so naturally. You perform exceptionally well using these gifts. You are so passionate about what you do. You have a burning desire to execute these talents.


Cultivate and Invest in Your Talents

Now that you have discover your talents, ensure that you cultivate and invest in your talents.While your talents may come naturally, there is always room for enhancement. Do a lot of research on your talent and then invest in your talent. When the servants with the 5 talents and 2 talents invested their talents, their master rewarded them with more by setting his servants over much more. Investment in your talent is the key to your success. You will enjoy what you do and if you enjoy what you do, you will put all of your passion into your gifts resulting in great success. Cultivating your talent may be the beginning of a change in career for you. You may leave your current job to pursue your talent. Too many of us are unhappy on our jobs because we do not enjoy what we do.


Be content with Your Talents

Be content with the talents that God has given you. In the story, one got 5, one got 2 and one got one according to their ability. Some of us have different abilities. Many of us have failed in our conquest to do something because we are doing things for the wrong reason. We are in the wrong field and we are so unhappy. We are comparing ourselves to others, we want more money and so we are doing things for money. However, if you invest in your talent, God will provide you with more.  Do not try to be someone else. Be yourself. Your talent is within you. You know what it is. Pursue it.


You Can lose Your Talent Because of Fear and Laziness

No one should lose their God given talents. However, it is possible to lose your talents because you were afraid and too lazy to take the risks to invest in your talents. Practice your talent weekly. Do not let it fade, otherwise you may forget it and lose it.The servant with the one talent did not invest the talent, the master took the talent from him and gave it to servant who had accumulated 10 talents. Do you want to be like that servant with the one talent?



While the parable is about investment of money, it also applies to our inherent talents.  You are unique and you have talents within you that are worth so much. Find it, cultivate and invest in it. Do not be afraid. Fear will cause you to lose the opportunities that God has provided to you. Pursue what you enjoy and whatever you do, do it unto the Glory of God.

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