Do Not Do It. Resist It.

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Do Not Do It. Resist It.

Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. James 4:7




I know we all face trials and temptations and our circumstances are different. I also know it is easy to tell someone not to do something but this article will attempt to explain why we should not do some of the things we do. Resist it.

Our emotions cause us to do so many things that we later regret but unfortunately, we cannot take our actions back. We must find ways and means to discipline ourselves so we do not do things that we should not. It is possible to control yourself. Try it. It works.

The article will cover a few “don’ts we should not do”. I encourage you to read this and think about your actions before you do them.



Do Not Covet

Do not covet or desire the things other people have. It will cause you to be in debt thus living above your means. It will also cause you to be envious and jealous. You may also end up acquiring things you really do not need as you only got them because your neighbor or a friend or a family member got them.

Recognize that your season is not here as yet but your time will come. Focus on your goals and do not amend your plans because of what you see other people have. Your time will come when God will grant you the desires of your heart.


Do Not Get Caught Up in Witchcraft

Participating in witchcraft and obeah practices is nothing new. This has been going on for years but it does not mean it is right. Folks are trying to keep their husband or wife and so they do all sorts of things to maintain them. Others are trying to get other people’s partners.  People are trying to keep your business down and so they resort to witchcraft. Do not get involve in this type of practice. Some of you may get what you want in the short term but oh you will pay big for it in the long term.  You will destroy your family as you have formed a bond with the devil. Curses will come upon your family. Please do not get involve. It will have a lasting impact on you. Seek God. Turn everything over to him. He is your fixer not the Obeah man.



Do Not Kill

I know people kill for many different reasons. People hear voices in their head telling them to kill. People are depressed and have gone crazy and they kill. People are upset over the loss of someone and they kill. People want money and they kill. People are on drugs. People have mental issues and many other issues.

You do not gain anything by killing someone. Other people have lost a family member because of your acts. Their life can never be replaced. Do you want anyone to kill your family member?

If you think you will get away with murder, think twice. You will get caught one day.

Please talk to someone if you are hearing voices. Talk to someone if you feel the need to kill someone. Walk away from the situation.

Resist it. You can do it. Do not Kill. You will pay for the crime you commit.


Do Not Commit Suicide

I know many of us are faced with depression and we feel like the only way to get rid of this feeling is to get rid of ourselves.

You see when you commit suicide, the family and friends that you left behind are the ones that are suffering because of the unexplained reasons. Isn’t this selfish?  Is this what you want?

Seek help when you have suicidal thoughts. Always be around someone.

Do not Commit Suicide. Resist it. You are not a mistake. You have a purpose.


Do Not Cheat

I know that people cheat for many different reasons. I personally believe if you are going to have more than one partner, then get out of the relationship that you are in. It is unfair to the other person to be in more than one relationship.

Some people are in abusive relationships and sometimes this drives the individual to cheat. Some people feel neglected in a relationship and drives them to cheat.

Some people see a pretty lady or a handsome man and you are attracted to them immediately and you pursue that person and cheat with them. What if they get in an accident and the face is disfigure, will you be by their side. Women have the same thing. Men have the same thing. Stand by your partner or walk away. Do not be in two relationships.

If you have children, think about them because what goes around, comes around. Be careful of the seed you plant.


Do Not Lie

Always tell the truth. A lot of times when we lie, we have to cover a lie with another lie and sometimes we forget the lie we told the last time and so people will find out you are lying. Do not lie. The truth always comes out. People remember what you tell them and so they will find out you are lying. Furthermore, you will be surprise to know who knows who and who is related to who. There is also an increase in persons spreading lies about others. Please discontinue this practice. Do not destroy other people’s characters. It is so wrong

Do not lie. The truth will set you free.




Do Not Steal

Some of you may be in a bind that you need money desperately and so you steal. Some of you may steal from your employer or your own family. Stealing is wrong. The items and money are not yours. People work hard to get these things they work for. Stealing is wrong. How would you feel if someone stole something from you?


Do Not Dishonour Parents

I know there is a lot of friction going on in families today. However, the Bible clearly tells us to honour your father and mother and your days will be long on the earth. I know sometimes you may not agree with them but do no go one day without speaking to your parents. Respect them and appreciate them. One you day you will become parents and you would not want your children to dishonor or disrespect you so do not dishonour your parents If there is one thing you cannot do is that you cannot change your parents.




Try your best to control your desires and emotions. Be careful of the friends and people you surround yourself with. If you are married, have your wife or your husband with you at all times.  In other words, do not travel alone.

Study the word and feed on the word of God. Do not depart from it. As tempting as a situation is, resist the devil and he will flee.

Do not covet, do not get caught up in witchcraft, do not kill, do not commit suicide, do not, do not cheat, do not lie, do not steal and do not dishonour your parents.

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