Do not fall for it – If you do, get up and walk away

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Do not fall for it – If you do, get up and walk away


We all make mistakes in our lives and sometimes it is because we fell for something or someone that we thought was the right thing or person at that time.  I believe there are some good things and good people but there are some things that are just too good to be true. The writing is on the wall and there are many red flags but we ignore them because we believe we got to have that thing or person in our lives. I know there are some cases where there are no red flags and you got that thing or person and then realize that all that glitters is not gold.

Therefore take your time to understand what you are getting into. Some people though, have been blessed in that they did not take a lot of time but still remain intact successfully with that thing or person. However, the safest and wisest thing to do is to take your time for time will reveal the truth.

This article will address some things or people you should not fall for. Now if you do fall, it does not mean you should remain in that situation, therefore, be brave and bold to get up and walk away and start again.

Do not fall for the financial scams

Everybody wants to make a good return on their finances but when an individual or company tells you they can provide you with a double digit percentage return on a monthly basis, be wary of these Ponzi schemes. While it is very possible for individuals to make double digit returns, stick with a reputable financial institution.

Some people are in dire need of access to funding. They have been rejected by the main banks for a loan and so they end up getting a loan from some individuals and institutions whereby the interest is almost doubled the principal. Do not fall for it. Sometimes that rejection from the main bank may be a good thing.  It does not mean that you will not that thing you wanted, it just means there is a delay. Take your time and save your funds.

Do not fall for external appearances

Sometimes we fall for things and people based on their external appearances. I think it is natural for most people to be attracted to things and people that look good while ignoring the things and people that do not look good.

Some marketers do an excellent job in wrapping up things in beautiful packages enticing you to buy them and when you start using them, you realize you made a mistake. Likewise, there are some people who rushed into a relationship and even marriage because that individual is so attractive externally. I am not saying that all people that look good on the outside are not good in the inside, I am saying do not just fall for the external appearances. There are some people who are not attractive on the outside but they have a heart full of gold.

Before you commit to anything or anyone, do some research and take your time. You see the same way you are looking at that beautiful person or thing, other people will be looking as well and you will find yourself competing all of the time for that thing or person which leads to the next point.

Do not fall for someone that is in other relationships

I know this is easier said than done but try not to fall for someone that is already in another relationship. If you do find yourself falling for someone that is already involve with someone, try your best not to get involve. A relationship should be between two people, not multiple people. You do not have to prove to the other person that you can have that person. You are worth so much more than sharing a man or woman with someone else. Sometimes you end up marrying that person knowing that he or she has multiple partners thinking that once you get marry that other person will end the other relationships. Do not be gullible. Do not fall for this. You deserve respect, loyalty and commitment.


I know sometimes you want things immediately and so you fall for anything. Some of you are lonely and you fall for that person. Some of us just love what we see and we believe we must have everything or everyone that we see. We must find the ways and means to control our emotions otherwise you will fall for anything and everything. Remember what goes around, comes around.

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