Do not get distracted by chronic complainers.

Angry man blaming his girlfriend sitting at sofa at home

Do not get distracted by chronic complainers.

Listen but stay focused.


There is constructive criticism and there is chronic complaining. Know the difference. Constructive criticism involves identifying issues and providing feedback with suggested solutions.  Chronic complainers find almost everything to complain about it. They are very negative, and they feel good about themselves when they complain. They also try to influence others in their chronic complaints, creating a toxic environment. Many times, these chronic complainers do not have anything positive to say and furthermore, they do not offer any solutions for the issues they are complaining about.

Listen to the constructive criticism and the chronic complainers but do not get distracted by the chronic complainers.  You must stay focused otherwise you may fall into the trap that the chronic complainers set for you.

Managing chronic complainers

Avoid them.

I know it is hard but sometimes to manage chronic complainers, you need to avoid them and doing so will require you to stay away from the environment these chronic complainers are in. If you are in an office setting with chronic complainers, ask to move to another area or even find out if it is possible to work remotely. Many chronic complainers also use various social media platforms to complain. Sometimes, it is best for you to stay off these platforms where these chronic complainers are.

Call them out.

Another way to manage chronic complainers is to be brave and call them out for their behaviour. Tell them they complain too much, they are distractors, and they need to be grateful. Use reverse psychology on them and tell them to identify some positive things about that individual or situation they are complaining about. Also, ask them to offer some solutions or better yet give them a task to resolve the issues they are complaining about.


I know my first point is to avoid them, but you should also consider listening to the complainers. Maybe there is a deeper problem in their lives, and they need to be heard and need help. Maybe some of the issues they are complaining about are valid. By listening to them, you may be able to resolve the issues even though they may find other things to complain about.

Stay Focused and don’t get caught up in it.

In a chronic environment, if you are not careful, you may end up doubting yourself and start believing everything the chronic complainers are saying. You may also be worried and threatened about what is being said and you can lose your focus. On the other hand, some people may be easily influenced and become chronic complainers too.  Stay Focused.

You must establish your goals, know your purpose, and stay focused.


Establish your goals and boundaries. Know your purpose and don’t let the chronic complainers distract you or overpower you. Recognize that some people will always complain about something.

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