Do Not Give Up on Your Children. They are Gifts from God.


Do Not Give Up on Your Children. They are Gifts from God.

Children are a heritage from the Lord. Psalms 127:3



Most times when we receive a gift from someone, we tend to cherish and make sure we take good care of the gift especially if it is an expensive gift.

Children are gifts from God and they are priceless. No amount of money can replace them if they die. When we get these gifts, we must learn to nurture and appreciate these precious gifts. At the same time though, we must ensure that they are trained properly for the word said in Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”.

Because our children our gifts from God, they should not be abused physically, mentally or sexually. They must be protected. Stand by your Child. If you do not stand by them, then who will.

No matter how they come out at birth, (pretty, ugly, short, tall,) love them for they are your gifts from God. No matter how they turn out as a teenager or adult, love them and do not give up.


Parents Take Care of Your Children

There are too many cases where children are being raised by a single parent. Parents that are separated must find a way to ensure that the children are being raised by both parents. I know it is not easy especially if the separation between the parents were not amicable.

These children are gifts from God and so handle them like gifts from God. Too many times we see parents especially men bragging about how many children they have but yet they are not really fathers to those children. Some of them are just sperm donors. At the same time, there are some parents who refuse for other parents to play a role in the children lives

One day these children will grow up and become adults and they will have some form of resentment not only towards their parents but the family of the parents. Also, one day the same child you neglected may have to be the very one who will take care of you when you get old. You do not know the future so do the right thing by being responsible and take care of these precious jewels. Ensure that you have a great relationship with your children. Children need more than money. They need love, moral support and attention.



Do Not Compare Your Children with Other Children

There are some children that are very smart academically and there are some children that are very talented in other areas. Remember this, that your child has gifts. Never compare your child to someone else. We live in a society where there is so much comparison. Parents comparing their children with other children, teachers comparing the children to others, society comparing some children to their parents. Teach your children from a young age not to compare themselves to others.

This comparison can have a negative impact on your child. When it comes to academics, your child may end disliking school because of the pressure from the comparison. You may see some parents talking highly of their children academics, don’t focus on them. God has a great plan for your child.

Give them time to know who they are as individuals. Encourage them at all times. Do not pressure them to become something you want them to be or what you see others are becoming. Let them pursue the passion they desire.  At the end of the day, what really matters is their happiness. Do not drive your children to depression. Children develop at different levels and different times. God has great plans for your children. After all, they are his children.


Train Your Children

Train your children using God’s word. Pray and read the bible with them daily. Some may divert from the teaching of the Bible but rest assured, sub consciously what you taught them at a young age will always resonate with them or be in their subconscious mind.

They may disappoint you at times, but if you teach them God’s word, they will come around one day and you will be very pleased. The word of Lord said Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.


Speak Good Things and Pray

Some people call their children, dumb, ugly, stupid, slow, ignorant or you just like your ‘good for nothing par or mar’. Our children are gifts from God and gifts from God are not dumb or stupid. Gifts from God are good. Your children are good.

Some of you may encounter many different issues with your children. Some of your children may be in gangs, may be on drugs, may be failing in school, may be keeping bad company, some may become parents at teenagers and some may drop out of college.

Do not give up on them. If you as parents give up on them then who will be there to support them. Despite the situation and how it looks, speak good things. Your children lives can turnaround. Always pray for them. Always tell them you love them.


Do not take these children for granted. Of course, we do not want you to spoil them but take good care of them like they are gifts from God.

For those of you who are trying to have children but not successful as yet, do not feel despondent. God knows your desire. He will provide you with those wonderful gifts soon and when he does, I know you will take great care of them. Your gift is on the way.

In writing this article, it is a reminder to me that my children are gifts from God. Sometimes I complain about the children and sometimes I would ask other parents if they want my children. However, I would not trade my children for anything. This article was truly a wakeup call for me and I hope it is for you.

Do not give up on your children no matter what the circumstances may be. They are yours and very few people will love them or take care of them like you do.

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