Do not jeopardize your relationships with your friends.

Do not jeopardize your relationships with your friends.


I believe everyone should have at least one good relationship with someone: a relationship that is based on love, trust and honesty. This type of relationship is hard to find these days so whenever you encounter this type of relationship, try your best to maintain it. It is unfortunate though that some of the healthiest relationships ultimately become very unhealthy and toxic. Some of the factors that jeopardize relationships are politics, misunderstanding, keeping a distance, betrayal and jealousy.

One of the best examples of a great relationship in the Bible is the friendship between Jonathan and David. Jonathan and David were from different backgrounds but they had a lot in common. Jonathan was happy for the promotion of David as King even though Jonathan was the son of King Saul and perhaps should have been next in line to take over based on the traditions. Jonathan settled for second position after David. He was not jealous of David. Jonathan also protected David from being killed by King Saul by letting David know Saul wanted him dead thus giving David an opportunity to run away. What Saul wanted to do to David was wrong so Jonathan sacrificed his own relationship with his father.


When you have friends who are supporting the opposite sides of the political fence, it can threaten their relationship if they are not mature about it. It is really not worth jeopardizing a relationship with someone over politics especially when the politicians on both sides of the camps appear to be getting along better than the electorate. Friendship is more important than politics. Have respect for the decision your friends make when it comes to politics. Try not to get into any arguments over politics because the truth is one can justify valid reasons why they support the party or the individuals of their choice and more than likely they will not change their political persuasion after an argument. I learned my lesson in 2007 when a close friend of mine ran on one political side and prior to that I previously leaned on the other political side. It was a wakeup call for one and I vowed that I would not let politics jeopardize my relationships with friends.  


Sometimes it is just a simple misunderstanding that causes a broken relationship. The best antidote is to communicate frequently and to ensure that you and your friend are on the same page of understanding.

Keeping a distance

Keeping a distance can jeopardize your relationship as you remain out of touch with your friends. It is true that individuals are so busy with their families and careers but ensure you keep in contact with your friends even if it is a just a weekly phone call. Do not ever become too busy for a relationship with your friend especially a good friend.


Judas destroyed his relationship with Jesus by betraying him for 30 pieces of silver. It was not worth it because in the end Judas killed himself. Do not betray your friends. If you do, that trust is broken. Someone may come to you with a report about your friend. Do not entertain it. Put a stop to it immediately. If you friend confided with you about a situation, keep it to yourself. Protect and love your friend the way Jonathan loved David.

Sometimes friends also become close with the spouse of their friends. Draw the line and don’t get involve with your friend’s spouse. If you find yourself getting too close, stay away. The truth always comes out.


Jealousy is a serious thing. Sometimes your friend may be in a better position than you or more popular than you and so a spirit of jealousy may overtake you. Each day you get up, be thankful for who you are and for your friends. Pray against any spirit of jealousy because being jealous can lead to a dangerous path in your relationship with your friends. Encourage your friends, be happy for them and believe that one day your season will come.


No one should be in this world by themselves. God recognized this and provided a companion for Adam. At some point in your life, you will want to have a friend that you can talk to about anything without having to worry about it being repeated. When you find that sincere friendship, cherish it and nourish it because real friendships are hard to find and keep.

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