Do not let your circumstances define you

You define you

Do not let your circumstances define you

Allow your situations to push you to rise up and do better


Whatever your circumstances are, don’t let them define. I know sometimes you may feel that your situation is permanent, but it does not have to be. You do not have to remain in the same state, you must be the one to recognize that you have the power to change your situation.

You may be unemployed but don’t let your unemployment status define you. The doctor may have diagnosed you with a life changing illness but don’t let that illness define you. You may have dropped out of school or never attended college but don’t let your educational status define you. You may have gone through a divorce but don’t let that define you. Some of you are experiencing financial difficulties and no matter how you try to manage your finances better, it does not seem to work. Don’t let your financial status define you.


Many of you may have been trying for a long to get a job but you were rejected for every job that you applied for. You may feel unemployable and may give up on applying for other jobs. In the end, some of you may just subscribe to the Government for unemployment benefits. I believe there is a job waiting for you. Be positive and keep applying. Perhaps you can even ask a potential employer for an internship or even voluntary help and while engaging in this, that employer may be so impressed with your work that he or she may offer you a permanent position. Alternatively, you start a business if you are unable to fine employment. Don’t let your employment status define you for you are employable. God has blessed you with a gift that you can help others with.

Health Issues

It seems like families are experiencing health issues like never before. However, you don’t have to let the status of your health define you. You may have to be in a wheelchair but that does not mean you cannot do anything with your life. Whatever your health status is, don’t let it keep you down. Even if the doctor tells you there is nothing else, they can do for you, continue to work, and carry out the purpose for which you were created for. Don’t stay at home and lie in your bed worrying about your health status. The doctor diagnosed with me Kidney failure and I have been on dialysis since December 26, 2016, however, I am not letting this condition define me. Therefore, you should not let your health status define you. Everybody perhaps has a health condition, but it is how you react to it, that will determine what you do with your life. Your situation perhaps can be resolved by simply exercising and eating the right kinds of food. Take charge of your situation.

Little or no education

There are some people that have a degree and some of these people let their degrees get to their heads. On the other hand, there are some people who don’t have a college degree. However, that does not mean you are uneducated and cannot achieve anything. Don’t let your level of education define you. My friend, the late Hon. Lewis Astwood completed his education at the Grade 4 level, but he did not let his educational status define him. He became a successful entrepreneur. You can do the same thing. Personally, I believe sooner or later there will be less people going to college because there is so much, they can learn from watching YouTube videos.

Marital status

Some of you may be single and want to get married but you just can’t seem to find someone. Don’t let your single status define you or make you feel unloved. Perhaps some of you were not meant to get married. There are some people who are married and regret getting married and ended up getting divorce.

Because you are divorcee, that does not mean you are the problem. You may be divorce more than once but don’t let that define you. Don’t allow your marital status to keep you down. Rise up and take your position.

Financial status

Many of you are confronted with a bad financial state and you may feel unworthy. Don’t let your financial status define you. You may not have any money in the bank but examine what else you have and be confident knowing that you will get out of this situation soon.

On the other hand, there are others who are doing very well financially and sometimes have allow their financial status to think highly of themselves or even better than others. While it is good to have money, it does not mean you are better than others and that money that you have go away instantly.


No matter what your circumstances are, don’t let them define you. Sometimes the things you are experiencing may just be tests. Pass you test and define what you want to be in life based on the goals you have set. Some of your situations may not be test but whatever they are, use your circumstances to push you to do better.

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