Do not make assumptions

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Do not make assumptions

Discover the truth to avoid misunderstandings


I don’t know about you but many times I am very much guilty about making assumptions. While some people have a spirit of discernment, many of us are inaccurate about what we assume but we think we are right about our assumption. Making assumptions can lead to making the wrong decisions because your decisions were based on assumptions. Making assumptions can also lead to misunderstanding, not on speaking terms with others and ultimately ending relationship with others. It can even cause embarrassment to you and others.

Do not make assumptions

I remembered one time I was checking in two ladies, and I assumed one of the ladies was the mother and the other was the daughter. Of course, based on my assumptions, I spoke what I thought and called them mother and daughter. I was so embarrassed for myself and the ladies as they were not mother and daughter but rather, they were sisters. One lesson I learned from this experience is to stop assuming relationships about individuals and don’t even ask strangers about their personal lives.

Too many times, we assume we know what people are thinking and doing and as a result we behave in accordance with our assumptions. Sometimes you see others doing the same things as you and automatically you assume they stole your ideas and as result you keep a distance from those individuals.  While some people do follow others, it is possible for individuals to have the same ideas as you especially if the products or services that are being offered are in demand and represents the passion and gifts of that person.

Sometimes, we make assumptions about people and things based on their external appearances. This is a big mistake that many of us make and as a result you end up getting in wrong relationships because you assume the internal characters of the person are the same as the external appearances.

How to stop making assumptions?

One of the first things we can do to avoid making assumptions is to mind our own business. I know this is hard to do but many of us make assumptions about others when really and truly it is none of our business.

Another thing we need to know is to simply ask questions. Make sure your questions are relevant and not too personal like what I did in the example above. When I thought about the example I described above, I could have simply asked the two ladies if they were related and not ask if they are mother and daughter.

Recognize that all individuals do not think the same as you. Everyone is unique and has a mind of their own. Therefore, be specific and clearly communicate with others.

Many of us think we know everything and therefore we think our assumptions are correct. Remind yourself that no one knows everything including yourself.

Sometimes we assume things in place without confirming. Therefore, always confirm, otherwise it can cost you financially and mentally. Imagine going to the airport to check in for your flight and you discover that your documentation to fly has expired. You will not be able to get on that flight and you may have to purchase a new ticket. This happen because of not checking and assuming that all your documentation was intact.


Focus on the truth and stop making assumptions. Making assumptions can be very damaging and subconsciously forces you to think so negative about others. Always think positive and believe there is good in everybody. If you truly cherish your friends and family, simply ask them questions that you need to know rather than making assumptions.

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