Do not make life difficult for others.

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Do not make life difficult for others.


There are consequences to all our actions. Some of our actions whether intentional or not make life difficult for others. With this same concept, our actions can also make life helpful for others. Are your actions making life difficult or helpful for others?

I recently saw a regular reader of my columns and he said that he noticed that I wrote a few articles on giving locals a chance but he tried with the locals and they were very dishonest. Of course, each individual is unique and no two persons are alike even though they may act alike. Unfortunately, many of us judge others based on the actions of others especially if they are of similar backgrounds such as the colour of the skin, their place of birth/origin, their political persuasion and their religious beliefs.

Stop making life difficult

There are too many of us who are very dishonest on the job, we are lying, we are stealing and we are not confidential and as a result we are labelled like the rest of those individuals that commit those acts. We do not even think that our actions will impact others but our actions do. Some people refuse to recruit locals because of the actions of other locals. There are so many people who are qualified for positons but are rejected because of the action of others. Do you see how your actions impact the opportunity for others? Therefore do the right thing by being honest and confidential. Whatever job or position you are on, do your best to make a lasting impression.

There are some persons in managerial positions who can help and groom their subordinates for a promotion but some of them make life difficult for others. We let our positions get to us. In fact we become so egotistical that we feel it is our job to keep others down and make life difficult for others. We put subordinates through all sorts of ropes. We even set up some of them for failure. Being in a managerial position is not just about being in control but it also about influencing and helping others. It is about training others to take over your position.

There are some persons in political authority who can help others but due to politics, they do their best to make life difficult for others especially if they are not politically affiliated with them. There is so much anger, so much revenge, and so much bitterness and as a result we make life difficult for others. Does loyalty to party politics takes precedence over loyalty to country? Shouldn’t the objective of the politicians be to make life better for all rather than one set of people? After all, we are one country.

There are some of us who take advantage of work permit holders especially those in “low key jobs”. We abuse and take advantage of them simply because we know they are dependent on that job. The way we treat some work permit holders, we could never treat some of our own that way. Don’t make life difficult for others. Treat them the way you would want to be treated if you or your children were to work in another country.

Some of us are bent on revenge by ruining the reputation of others, by spreading rumors and fabricating stories about individuals. Remember what goes around, comes around.


I believe one of the greatest rewards anyone can do is to help others especially if they are in a position to do so. It will be a great investment whether it is tangible or not. This is not only a great investment but also a great legacy. On the other hand, one of the worst things anyone can do is keep others down. However, there is a season for everything. Somehow, the very people you did not help may one day be in a season of abundance and may end up having to help your children or grandchildren. No one knows the future.  Therefore, the best thing to do is not to make life difficult for others.

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