Do Not Stop Until Something Happens.

Do not stop

Do Not Stop Until Something Happens.


Too many times, we start something and we do not see it through to the end and that is why we are in some of the situations we are in now. Some of us stopped doing what we were doing because we were afraid. We are afraid of losing business, we are afraid of victimization, we are afraid of what others would think, we are afraid of offending someone and we afraid of failure.

However, the problems continue to escalate in our country because we stop what we are doing.  We cannot stop what we are doing. Therefore, I am encouraging you not to stop what you are doing until something happens.

The Beach Access Issue is Still Unresolved – Continue the Fight.

We have seen a videotape of a young man who has a business of renting beach equipment and while on the beach, he was confronted by the owner of one of the resorts. The young man stood up defending his reason for being on the beach. Later on social media, many people commended the young man for his stance. However, the beach access issue is still a problem.  This needs to be taken to a different level until the beach access issues are clearly stated and that everyone knows that no one owns the beach.  We cannot just stop here. Somebody needs to take this issue and make a national issue everyday until the issue is resolved. It was not even a year ago when there was an issue at Taylor Bay and to date, we are still being taken advantage of by others. The beach does not belong to anyone.

Do Not Stop Talking About the Problems.

I know that every time I write article, I offer solutions. I agree we need to offer solutions. However, many of us are offering solutions but it seems no one is listening or they think our solutions are not realistic or they are looking for credit. Therefore, continue to talk about the problems until the issues are resolved. Maybe if you continue to talk, it will reach a point where the relevant authorities are tired of the talking and they will seek to solve the issues. The moment you stop talking about the problems whether you provide solutions or not, those issues will go on the backburner. Therefore, do not stop talking. Keep talking until something happens. I am aware that there are some issues such as racism that will not go away by just talking about it.

Do not stop Demonstrating Until the issues are resolved

I never understood the basis for these one- or two-day demonstrations. I believe if you are going to demonstrate, demonstrate until the issue that you are demonstrating for are resolved.

Recently another country in the Caribbean had a demonstration and of course the feedback from most of the people that were there was that the demonstration was successful. Was it really successful? Because the turnout was large does not mean it is successful. The issues were not resolved so why should one say that the demonstration was successful.


One of our issues is that we give up easily. Sometimes what we are doing is for a show with no passion. If you are passionate about something and you want to see the issues resolve, then you will go all the way to end until the issues are resolve even if you are standing alone. Do not be intimated by anyone. Do not let anyone pay you off to stop what you are doing.  Do not let the number of likes or lack of comments on social media deter you. If you believe in something, do not stop pursuing it.

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