Do not underestimate the value of individuals who do not have secondary or tertiary education.

Do not underestimate the value of individuals who do not have secondary or tertiary education.


One of the major factors in which success is measured is the attainment of a degree from a college or university. However, some people did not have the opportunity to pursue tertiary education. In fact, some people did not even complete secondary education.

While we must always encourage others to obtain as much knowledge as possible to pursue their calling and in many cases, this knowledge can only be obtained by attending college or university, however, there are some individuals who will not pursue this route or do not need to go this route but that does not mean they are less important.

During the era of our foreparents, they did not have the access to secondary and tertiary education like we do today. Many of them left school early to help their parents with the finances by doing a trade and as a result some of them could not read or write. However, if the truth be told many of them were very successful and became some of the best carpenters and masons in the country.

A degree is not everything

Having a degree is not everything. Having the right attitude and doing what you were called to do are just as important. However, if you need a degree to reach your personal goal, then that can be used as one of your success factors. On the other hand, if one does not get a degree but is doing what he or she is called to do, then that in itself is a success.

While you have to study and work so hard for your degree, when you get in the work force, you will discover that there are so many other things that you have to learn that were not covered in your degree.

Perhaps there are some individuals that we overlooked for leadership positions because they did not have a degree but have a wealth of experience and can get things done.

Do not look down on people

Many of us with degrees have a sense of superiority to others. However, for some of us, that is all we have, we are still unable to do some of the basic things in life. The very people we look down on are the ones we have to call many times to fix things that we cannot do.

Some of the people we look down on are happier than us. Some of them are making more money than us. Some of them are very rich. Some of them are very wise and smart. Some of them are very intelligent.

There are some people who I encounter on a regular basis who did not have the opportunity to go to college but I wish I could do what they do because I would save a lot of money. I am talking about some plumbers, housekeepers, carpenters and the list goes on and on. Of course, there are some that did go to college.


While there must be standards in place for everything we do and some standards require individuals to have at minimum, a degree, it does not mean we should look down on others who do not have a degree. There are so many successful individuals in Turks and Caicos who did not pursue post primary education. In fact, many of the local people in TCI that we call “successful” do not have a tertiary level of education.

This article is not to discourage anyone from obtaining a degree. Obtaining a degree should be encouraged by all. However, when you get your degree, don’t think that you are superior to those that don’t have a degree.

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