Do you feel empty sometimes?

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Do you feel empty sometimes?

It is ok to feel that way but refuel


I know sometimes I feel empty, and it is not a good feeling. You feel like you have nothing to offer, nothing to say and nothing to do. It is ok to feel empty, but you do not have to be in an empty state forever. There is always a way to get refuel so you do not have to remain empty. Of course, you may say how can I refuel when I am empty. The truth is when you are empty, this is the time for you to reconnect and refuel. You see when you are full or half full, you may not see the need to refuel.

A feeling of emptiness

People feel empty for many different reasons. One of the reasons I used to feel empty was because I did not know my purpose. Even though I had a successful career and was getting paid well. I felt there was more to life than what I was doing and so I felt empty. However, as soon as I discover my purpose, that empty feeling alleviated.  I encourage you today to discover your purpose. Oh, what a great feeling of fullness you will experience.

Another reason I felt empty was due to limited knowledge. I wasn’t studying and reading a lot. However, when I started to do my research and start reading on various areas including the Bible, I became equipped with knowledge and no longer felt empty. Therefore, it is important to learn as much as you can.

Some people feel empty too because they of their past. If you have not overcome the events that took place in your past, you are going to feel empty. I know the feeling. Find the courage to talk about it or talk to someone about it. Don’t let anyone or your past to allow you to feel empty. I know it is easier said than done but you have so much potential if you can overcome your past.

Some of you are lonely and as a result you feel empty. You may not be in a relationship or don’t have anyone around and as a result you feel empty. Of course, there are people in relationships and have people around them and still feel empty. You may have gone through the loss of a close friend or family member and so you feel lonely. Find an organization that you can get involve in and do some volunteer work. You will be full when you realize the impact you have on others.

Some of you have not achieved your desired goals and so you feel empty. Even though you may have not achieved your goals within your timeframe, it does not mean you will not achieve it sooner or later.

Some of you are looking at the achievements of others and you feel empty because you think you have not reach or will never the reach what the others have achieved. The thing is, you are comparing yourself to others and as a result you become stressed out. Focused on you and your purpose and you may discover that you are not empty at all.


To move to that place of fulfilment, fuel up. It is good to recognize you are empty as this is the time for you to reflect on your life. I believe everybody may have experience a time of emptiness. It is how you deal with it, that matters. Know that you can experience fullness in your life especially when you are doing what you were created to do.

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