Do you think you can live each day as if it were your last day?

Live every day like it is your last

Do you think you can live each day as if it were your last day?


I think we all believe that one day we will die but the truth is many of us do not want to die as yet. We have so many plans for our lives that have yet to materialize. Some of us (young and old) just want to enjoy what life has to offer. Some of us have young children and want to live long enough to see our children become adults. Some of us are the financial providers and do not want to die leaving our families in financial disaster.

However, we must face the reality that death will come. You do not have to be sick or unhealthy to die. On second thoughts you may be sick and don’t even know and as a result you die suddenly. There are also plane crashes and vehicle accidents that result unfortunately in the death of people.

Therefore no matter how many plans you have to live a long life on this earth, our plans are not the same as God’s plans. Of course, I do believe that whatever you want in life even if it is for a long life, you can make your requests known to God. Remember in 2 Kings 20, Hezekiah’s life was extended by another fifteen years.

Despite all of the above, I pose this question to you, “Do you think you can live each day as if it were your last day?”

Live each day as if it were your last day

Because life is short, uncertain and fragile, I think we should live each day as if it were your last day. I know some of you are saying that you have made my requests known to God to live a long life and you believe that God will grant you the desires of your heart and so you will not die today. I agree we should have faith and believe that whatever we ask God for, he will give it to us but what if today were your last day, how you would live your life? Here is what I will aim to do.

Death is inevitable so I will make sure that I renew and commit my life to God on a daily basis. I don’t want to go to Hell when I die and when I die, if I am not a Christian, I cannot become a Christian after death. It will be too late.

I will not get any new loans unless I have life insurance that will cover the payouts in the event I die because I don’t want to leave any debt behind for my family to absorb.

I will also aim to spend quality time with my family and friends and let them how much I love them. I will create great and everlasting memories with them.

I will fulfil and carry out my purpose. I don’t die with my purpose in my life being buried with me.

I will try my best to love and be kind to one another at all times. I will not harbor any bitterness or unforgiveness towards anyone. Therefore I would reach out to people who I think I have offended and ask for forgiveness.


There are some people who say they are just waiting on the Lord to call them but when something happens to them, these same people do not want to die. I don’t believe anyone really wants to die unless they are in a lot of pain and suffering.

However, death will come so how would you live as if today were your last day. I know some critics may say this is nonsensical but life is a mist.  Therefore, I conclude with James 4:14 “What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.”

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