“Don’t burn the bridge that brought you cross”

The bridge that leads into the city,

“Don’t burn the bridge that brought you cross”


Too many times in life, we act like we made it to where we are because of our own making However, no man is an island and if you were to reflect truthfully on our journey in life, you will remember that other people helped you to get where you are.  Therefore don’t forget the people that help you along the way.

Many of us have burned the bridge that brought us cross thinking that we will no longer need that bridge but we don’t know what the future holds so it best to leave the bridge intact. You may need that bridge again but if you burned the bridge you will not be able to use it to get to where you want to go.

This article will focus on several bridges that people burn but hopefully after reading this article, you will be encouraged to reconsider your actions so that you don’t burn any bridges but if you do, then try make amends.


One of the bridges we burned is God. Some of you may say he is not a bridge. Technically he is not a bridge but it is God that brought us to where we are and so for this context, I am using God metaphorically as a bridge. We prayed for so many things and after we got what we wanted, we simply forgot about God. Some of us only remember God when we want something. The good thing about God is that he is a forgiving God and he is not like man. Even when we burned our relationship with God, he gives us multiple chances. However, we should not take God for granted. Always remember God in the good times and bad times. Don’t ever turn your back on God because life is a mist. Something can happen to you so quickly and unexpectedly and if you burn your bridge with God, you may not have an opportunity to live with him eternally after you die because you may have not time to accept him in your life. Therefore make amends now and keep a solid relationship with God.

Family and friends

Some of us have burned bridges with our family and friends. Some family and friends have made so many sacrifices to accommodate you and in the end you betrayed them. You act like your family didn’t do anything for you. Quite frankly some of you are adults and should be independent but you still rely on your family and friends for assistance from time to time. They are not obligated to help but they do because you are family and friends. Don’t burned that family and friends bridges. You will need those individuals again. Some of you have burned the bridge of family and friends for politics and even for new friends. You see when you get in a jam, some of those “new” friends will not be there for you, and it is the same family and friends you burned you will need. Be careful what you put in the public and private domains about your family and friends. Always remember the good your family did for you even though it may seem insignificant. Sometimes it is the small things that matter.

Former Employers and co-workers

Some of you resign from your job immediately without even notifying your employer. Some of you left without talking to your former employer and coworkers.  No matter how toxic the environment is, always leave on good terms and with a possible option of returning. You may say you will never return and work for that employer but sometimes the grass is not greener on the other side and so when you leave and discover that, you may want to return but if your burn the bridges, it may be very difficult to get back.

Your neighbours

I don’t know about you but I was surrounded by some of the best neighbours when I was a child. While there were disagreements among the neighbours from time to time but despite the disagreements, our neighbours treated one another like family. I remembered growing up on the island of South Caicos, my family didn’t have a television or electricity until I think I was about 12 but my neightbour Mrs. Annie Brooks had electricity and TV. We used to go there every day and as soon as we reach, Mrs. Annie always offered us something to eat. I also remembered my grandmother had a neighbor (Mrs. Vivian Mills) who used to provide dinner to her on a weekly basis. Because of the kindness of our neighbours, I can never forget them and will not burn the bridges with them. In fact, I will do anything for them and their children because of what they did for family. Don’t forget your neighbours. Some of you are where you are today because of what your neighbours did for you.

Your supporters

Don’t forget the people that supported you. This is particular relevant to politicians. It is the people that voted for you to win your seat. Don’t forget the people that voted for you. Don’t turn your backs on time. Time goes fast and before you know it, another election will be due. You will then come to the people expecting them to reelect you but because you burned the bridges, however, some of the people will remember you burned the bridges and will reflect that at the polling stations.


Sometimes when we have reached our destination, we forgot all of the people who helped us along the journey. In fact, some of us have burned so many bridges and because we are at that place where we want to be, we don’t even think we need that bridge anymore. Remember, everything does not last forever and there is a season for everything. Sometimes the mighty falls and you will need to get back on that bridge.

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