Don’t delay.

Concept of procrastination and time management

Don’t delay.

If you feel, know, or see something, do something.

I honestly believe that so much can be accomplished if we do something about what we feel, know, or see. In fact, you can perhaps save the life of someone. You can also bring awareness about something that you know as knowledge is power. However, I know many times we want to wait for the right moment to do something and so we can keep procrastinating. The thing is what you think may be the right moment to you may be too late.

I know we should not be acting on feelings but when it comes to our body, if you are not feeling well, you should do something about it. Don’t delay. Your body is perhaps talking to you, and you should see a doctor immediately. I think some people die before their time because they did not do anything about their feelings. They delayed their visits to a doctor and by the time they went to the doctor, it may have been too late. Therefore, as soon as feel something is not right with your body, check it out.

Now the other type of feeling you may have been experiencing is your intuition. If you have an intuition about something, don’t take it for granted. Your intuition may be based on your experience, and you may also have a special gift and so do something with your intuition. You may be on to something.

While your intuition may not be factual, some of you have knowledge about something and you remain tight-lipped. If you are aware of something, share it. Some of us keep so much stuff to ourselves. In fact, some people died having information that could have helped someone, but we kept it to ourselves.

If you know someone is a criminal and you are aware of that person committing that act, report them. Do not delay. You may be saving your own life.

If you know someone is being abused physically or sexually, report them. Don’t delay. Too many people are being abused and no one is saying anything about it. If you are the victim, don’t delay telling someone. If you don’t say anything, that perpetrator can abuse other people and so if you do something about it, you can save the lives of many others.

If you see something, say something. Don’t turn a blind eye as if nothing happened. Sometimes you can see something so that you can help someone because too many people are afraid to do something about what they see.

If you see something you need, don’t delay getting it because it may be too late as may be gone or the value may have increase and you can no longer afford it.

In conclusion, I want to encourage you today, please don’t live your life with regrets. If you feel something, do something about it. If you see something, do something about it. If you know something do something about it. However, you must not delay.

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