Don’t drop the ball

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Don’t drop the ball


Don’t drop the ball. I think it was around March 2020 when COVID 19 hit our shores and prior to the vaccine, there were lockdowns and strict curfews and more importantly there was a major campaign to practice social distancing, wear masks and sanitize. Somehow, we were able to get the number of COVID 19 cases down to a reasonable level. I believe it is not because of lockdowns and strict curfews, it is because we were practicing social distance, wearing masks and sanitizing ourselves. The ball looks like it has been dropped because many social gatherings are taking place and at these gatherings, there is no evidence of social distancing and individuals are not wearing masks. I believe this is one of the reasons why the cases are increasing.

Yes, almost 70% of the population is vaccinated but it does not mean that we should drop the ball for you can be vaccinated and still contract the virus. Vaccinated or not, we should always assume that the people we are interacting with may have the virus and therefore we should wear our masks, practice social distancing and sanitize our hands and objects we are using.

Lead by Example

One of the key roles for any Government is to enact policies and because of COVID 19, the Government made it mandatory that we must wear masks and practice social distancing. This policy has even forced businesses to develop and present a COVID 19 plan in order for their business licenses to be renewed.

However, it is mind boggling when the behaviour of the Governor and the elected politicians is contrary to the policies they implemented in cabinet and the House of Assembly. We are sending conflicting messages to the people. While it is true that individuals must be responsible and not follow what others are doing, the truth is many of us are followers and in our minds we are saying that if the politicians can gather together without practicing social distancing and wearing masks, then we can do likewise.

In addition, how can we fine and punish others for not following the protocols that were established when the lawmakers themselves are not doing it. Shouldn’t the lawmakers lead by example? They have drop the ball and their behaviour should not be accepted.

COVID 19 and the Delta Variant are serious viruses

The COVID 19 and the Delta Variant are serious viruses. If you were to engage in a conversation with someone who contracted this virus and hear their story, you would not want to contract this because what some people have gone through, it was like a nightmare for them. Unfortunately, some people died and I know it may not necessarily be because of COVID 19, it may be due to their immune system. However, the fact is that this virus is very dangerous and the Delta variant is considered even worst.

We cannot and should not drop the ball. Whether you are vaccinated or not, the best defense against this virus is to wear masks, practice social distancing and sanitize frequently.


I don’t believe anyone wants another lockdown or tight restrictions or curfews. We have seen the impact that lockdowns have done to the mental state of individuals. We have seen the negative impact that lockdowns have done on the economy of countries. We have seen the negative impact that lockdowns have on the financial impact of individuals. If we don’t want any lockdowns, then let us not drop the ball.

As you know I don’t believe locking down the country is the solution but Governments tend to quickly implement lockdowns to control the outbreak of COVID 19. However, if each of us can play our part in being responsible, we can avoid some of the measurements that Governments are forced to make.

Let us not drop the ball when it comes to dealing with COVID 19. This is a serious issue but some of our actions do not reflect that.

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