Don’t easily become offended.

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Don’t easily become offended.

Offenses will come so learn to ignore them


I am reaching a point in my life now whereby I am not letting offenses get to me. I realize that offenses will always come. Sometimes these offenses are intentional and sometimes individuals do not realize that they are offending you. Based on my experiences, offenses hurt the most when they are coming from individuals who are very close with you. The thing is we have to very careful what comes out of our mouths because we cannot take the words back. The ironic thing is that some people feel that they can tell you anything without any remorse but the moment you say something, they easily become offended.

Offenses will come

No one is perfect and your opinions are not the same as others and so offenses will come. We need to recognize this and try your best not to easily become offended. Some people are very jealous of you, and they use every opportunity to offend you. Some people want to discourage you from reaching your goal and one way to do so is to offend you.

I also know that some of us are very sensitive and no matter what people say, you may easily become offended. Some cultural differences may lead to offenses in that what may be accepted in your culture may not be accepted in someone else’s culture. Sometimes, individuals compare their country to other countries and say something negative and as a result an offense is created. I remembered I used to easily get offended when people say something negative about the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Some people make negative comments about you and your family and so you become offended. Some people easily become offended when political remarks are made. Some people also become easily offended due to differences in beliefs and preferences.

How to overcome offenses?

To overcome to avoid being easily offended, sometimes you must consider who the offender is. Some of these individuals perhaps do not even know anything about you and perhaps are repeating what they hear others say so do not become easily offended by people.

Sometimes too, the offender is being used by the enemy to get you upset and this is when you need to be alert and realize that these offenders can’t help themselves because they are being controlled by the devil.

Sometimes you may be assuming that the offense is about you and the offender may be talking about something or someone else. Therefore, don’t allow your assumptions to make you easily become offended. Of course, sometimes the offender may not be making assumptions, but you have to recognize that offenses will come so make up your mind to ignore the offenses.


If you are offended by someone, be very careful as you do not want to have any unforgiveness and animosity towards anyone. If you are really hurt and you cannot get over the offenses, then I highly recommend you meet with that individual and let them know you are offended. Sometimes, individuals may not even realize they offended you. Of course, there are some individuals who very well know they offend you but they don’t care.

Offense will come. Don’t waste energy on being revengeful or getting angered by the offense. Therefore, learn to live with them and don’t let the offenses interfere with your purpose. I know some people left their jobs, marriages and churches because of offenses. Be mature and have a candid conversation before making the wrong choice.

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