Don’t just focused on the vaccine but protect us from the criminals and the invasion of the illegals too.

Protecting hacker from enemy

Don’t just focused on the vaccine but protect us from the criminals and the invasion of the illegals too.


There is one thing in common that the countries face throughout the world and that is dealing with the impact of COVID 19. Therefore, leaders and others are encouraging and promoting the residents to take the vaccine as it is considered the most effective way in managing the spread of COVID 19.

The United Kingdom has supplied the Turks and Caicos Islands with 47,190 Pfizer vaccines and 300 Astra Zeneca vaccines. This means that if all of vaccines are administered, more than 23,000 people would be vaccinated thus covering at least 50% of the population of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

I appreciate and understand that the Government is keen on restoring the economy by opening up our country fully and one way to do so is to create a herd immunity. I am also grateful for the generous donation of vaccines from the United Kingdom.

However, the UK is responsible for the security of our country and our security is being breached and violated by the criminals and the invasion of illegal immigrants and sloops. Therefore, I challenge the Government, the Governor and the Foreign Office to put the same emphasis on the protection of the residents from criminals and illegals in the same manner emphasis is placed on protecting us from COVID 19.


While this year, we have not had the amount of murders like last year, crime is still taking place in our country and many criminals are on the loose because they have yet to be caught. Whatever we are doing is not working and so we need to change the game. There are too many unanswered questions and justice has yet to take place for so many families.

I believe the country is too small for us not to be able to solve the crimes. There has been CCTVs put in place, there have been additional police officers and there has been at least three Commissioners of Police over the last few years and there appears to be no real change in reducing crime.

While I do not think the answer is getting police officers from the UK but I do know we need urgent help in curtailing the crime situation.  We need some undercover cops in this country and need our borders to be protected because people are entering this country and we really do not know who is among us.


The country is invaded by illegals. I believe there are more illegal people in this country than there are local people. This year alone, we have seen the increase in illegal sloops entering our shores. Thank God, some of them were intercepted but in the end it costs us millions of dollars to repatriate them to Haiti.

The same way the UK send us the vaccines, the UK needs to send some ships to be stationed nearby our waters for at least two years to deter the boats from coming here. I believe the sloops can be stopped because if word gets out that there are ships stationed in the waters then they may not take the risks in coming.

It appears that there is some level of empathy for our brothers and sisters from Haiti and so it does not appear that this is a major concern by certain people in authority. I too have a level of empathy but enough is enough and we cannot allow our country to be invaded like this and the UK is in a position to help us.


I know providing the vaccines may be relatively inexpensive and easy to do in comparison to providing protection against our borders.  However, the criminals and illegals continue to invade us because we are doing very little to prevent them from taking over.

Like COVID 19 is having an impact on our economy, the criminal and illegal activities are also impacting our economy. Furthermore, we have more people being murdered than those that died from COVID 19.

We have a crisis on our hand with these illegals and criminals and we must deal with them with high priority.

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