Don’t let politics do this to you.


Don’t let politics do this to you.


Like most of the Caribbean islands, there are two main political parties in TCI. Because of our obsession and love for our political parties, we are living in an atmosphere of fear. Our relationships with God has been compromised and some of our relationships with friends and family have been ruined. We vote for individuals who we know are not competent but because we know they are running on our party ticket, we support them. Our love for our political parties takes precedence over the love for our country.

Do not be afraid

We are so afraid in this country. We are afraid to speak out about the things taking place or the lack of things taking place in our country. Perhaps, we are afraid of victimization. We are afraid if we speak the truth, our party may reject us and not put us on any boards or allow us to run in the upcoming elections. We are afraid to even support or like the opinions of others especially if the opinions appear not to be favourable for the party of our choice.  I encourage you to speak out at all times. Attack the issues but do not attack individuals. Stop being quiet.

Do not ruin your relationships with friends and family

A number of factors can ruin a relationship with family and friends such as lending them money and not getting repaid. Misunderstanding and talking bad about them behind their backs. However, one the biggest issues that is ruining relationship is politics. This was a wake-up call for me in 2007 when my close friend ran as the leader of one of the political parties in TCI.

Remember your family will always be your family no matter what and that is why I find it hard to comprehend siblings running against each other. Do not let politics destroy your family.  When you are sick and you are stuck, those same political fanatics will not be there to support you. However, in most cases, your family is right there. Some of you are being used by others to gain political mileage. On the other hand, some of you are also using others by “kissing up” to some politicians even if it means jeopardizing your relationship with families. 

There are some friends who are closer than family. Do not let politics destroy that relationship. Recognize that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion and choice of political persuasion. Do not let it reach a point where it interferes in your relationship. Maybe the best thing to do is not to discuss politics with each other.

Do not compromise your relationship with God.

I am not here to judge your relationship with God but it is evident in the actions of some of us how politics is compromising our relationship with God. God wants us to respect everyone, love everyone, forgive one another but our love for politics seem to be greater than our love for God and consequently, we disrespect others, we only love those that support our party and we cannot forgive others. We have persons who are much matured in Christ and should lead by example but our love for our political party is overshadowing everything.

Do not put politics over country.

In everything we do, always remember to put our country first. If a project started by a previous administration and it is good for the country, let it continue. Do not try to delay it or change it drastically. This is why we need a national plan in place and no matter who wins will follow that plan for the country.

Do not vote for candidates just because they are on your party ticket

Do not let politics let you vote for someone you know cannot perform the job or even care about the job. Someone who is not passionate about TCI and someone who will not represent you. Otherwise we will end up with some incompetent and weak parliamentarians.  Vote for the best candidates even if you think they will not form the government.


This political game in TCI is a dangerous game but stop being afraid and speak freely. Put God, your country, your family and friends before any political party.

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