Don’t take life for granted. It is short, uncertain and fragile

Don’t take life for granted. It is short, uncertain and fragile

“What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” James 4:14


This article is in honour of the late Ms. Elizabeth Goff whom I have known since I was 11 as she was my High School Spanish teacher.  She became one of my favourite persons and I believe I was one of her favourite persons. In fact she considered me as a son. Because we were like family, we never lost in contact with each other. Our relationship was indescribable. I know without a shadow of doubt that she is in eternity with God. She lived her life to please God and the life she lived demonstrated that. What about your life? If you were to die today or tomorrow, where will you spend eternity? What will be your legacy? What will truth say about you?

What is Life?

The Bible describes life in James 4:14 as mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. Therefore, life is short, uncertain and fragile but it is gift from God. However, the one thing that is certain in life is death.

Life is not certain but death is certain

On February 5th, Ms. Goff told her sister that she was not feeling well so she went to her bed to get some rest. Little did we know that would be her last time alive.  While I am in still a state of shock over the passing of Ms. Goff, a comforting factor is that she died peacefully.

She had no health issues but she die. This alone confirms that life is a mist. Many times we expect persons who are old, persons who the doctor diagnose with health issues to die first but sometimes these individuals are around longer than those who are healthy.

We do not know how we will die but we know for sure that one day we will die unless the rapture takes place before we die.

Because life is not certain and we do not know what will happen tomorrow, it is important that we commit to God. If we commit to God, we know for sure where we will go. Too many of us are pursuing riches and arrogant schemes but when we die, we will not take those riches with us. It is ok to aim to be rich but do not compromise your time and life with God in the pursuit of wealth.

There are so many things I want to do but the sudden death of Ms. Goff has allowed to reflect on my life. I will not get any additional loans because if anything happens to me, my family will be left with debt. I will spend more time in God’s word and I will be obedient to his word. What about you? Even though I don’t want to die now primarily because of my family, but if I do die now, I need to be ready so that I can spend eternity with God. I don’t want to go to hell so I will do my best to live right. You too should look at life differently if you have not done so already.


The death of Ms. Goff has given me a different perspective of life. You see when my dad die, he was ill and had an enlarged heart.  My mom was ill, suffering from three strokes and was in a comatose state for a while before she died. My sister Carol was sick as she had several health issues. Her death too was a shock because we thought she was getting better but she die after spending so much time in the hospital. As far as we know, Ms. Goff was not ill but she died.

Some of us live our lives not thinking about death or where will we spend eternity. We are here today but may not be here tomorrow. The best thing to do is to be ready to meet the Lord for we do not know when we will die but we do know for sure one day we will die.

Life is indeed a mist. It is short, uncertain and fragile. While you are alive, learn to forgive one another, learn to love one another. Don’t get yourself in too much debt especially if you do not have any life insurance. Think about the impact your decisions today will have on your family tomorrow.

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