Employers do the right thing

Employers do the right thing

Employers/Leadersdo the Right Thing Towards Your Employees – LEAD THEM
Lead by Example.
Empower Your Employees
Appraise Your Employees Honestly.
Delegate Some of Your Responsibilities.

Lead by Example
Employers want their employees to come to work on time, be confidential and do not use their phones and internet while on the job but some employers are doing the same thing. Perhaps if employers do what they want their employees to do, just maybe the employees will follow. However, even if some of employees do not follow suit, continue to lead by example. Otherwise, your employees will have no trust respect and confidence in you.

Empower Them – Stop giving employees fancy major titles with no major responsibilities
There are some employers who have given their employees fancy titles such as Director of XY Department but they have no authority as Director to make certain decisions. In fact, some companies have another position over the Director of XY Department who in turns makes the real decisions. I do not understand the rationale for this but I certainly have my own reasons why I think it is like this. However, at the end of the day, employees should be empowered to make decisions in the roles they have. Do not put them in the roles if they are not entrusted with the responsibilities. Empower Your Employees.

Appraise Your Employees Honestly About Their Performance
Sometimes, in a small society like TCI and due to familiarity (everybody knows everybody), we find it hard to provide an honest feedback to our employees and so employers are stuck with employees that are not performing well. Furthermore, the employees think they are doing a great job because their appraisals each year reflects a favourable rating. Employers be honest with your employers. If they perform poorly, tell them they perform poorly and assist them with a development plan to improve. In the end, not only will they fail, as an employer you will also fail. When they leave your organization and go to another, the employee’s work pattern may not change and it could be a reflection on your leadership skills.

Delegate some of responsibilities
Employers ensure that you delegate some of your responsibilities to your employees through aggressive training and teaching them exactly what you do. This in turn can be a basis for developing succession plans for all of your employees. This is also a means of empowering your employees and also relieving you as an employer of some of your duties thus giving you the needed break you deserve.

Leaders listen to your employees. Not because you may have a degree or you are in a position of authority means you know everything. The employees are the ones that interact mostly with the customers and other employees and so they know their pressing issues. Consider some of their suggestions and implement them. Show them that you value their opinions.

Make the work environment suitable
Make the environment comfortable for your employees. For instance, I see employees in some stores standing up all day serving customers. I don’t understand why employers do not provide their employees with a chair or a stool. Employers provide your employeeswith the necessary tools and equipment so that they can get look forward to coming to work and perform effectively on their jobs.

Do not reprimand employees in the presence of other employees
I recalled an instance where I saw an employer reprimanded an employee not only in the presence of other employees but also in the midst of customers. Employees if you need to reprimand an employee, find a closed office to do so.Furthermore, please do not speak to employees in a condescending manner as you do not want anyone to do the same to you.

Give All Employees the Right and Fair Compensation
There are too many situations where there is a major gap in compensation packages among employees who are doing the same role and the job performance is similar. This is particularly in cases where some expatriate workers are getting significantly a higher pay then the local workers. Some employers say that it is difficult to attract a high caliber ofpersons to the islands and so they have to increase the compensation package (including the provision of gratuities) to incentivize individuals to come to TCI. Employers should also do their best to retain locals on the jobs especially if they are high performance. To do so would also require a package for locals that is similar to that for an expatriate worker. If it is good for one then it should be good for all.

Respect Employees and do not practice preferential treatment or favouritism
Employers do not treat employees differently because of the position or role the employee occupies or even because of their performance. Every employee in a company from the janitor to the CEO is important and should be feel important by the employer and other colleagues. There should be no preferential treatment or favouritism on the job.

Do not engage in discussions with employees about other employees
One position that employers may find themselves in is that they may be closer with some employees than the others and sooner or later may find themselves in discussions with employees about other employees. Employers should never engage in discussion with employees about other employees. If such discussions take place, eventually it will get out and the employees will feel betrayed.

Communicate effectively with your employees. Ensure they understand exactly what you require from them. Do not make any assumptions. Communicate exactly what you are thinking as employees cannot read your mind.

Of course, there are other issues that are not addressed in this article but Ibelieve if employers addressed the above issues and do the right thing, then the company will have favourableoutputs. Employees may in turn perform better which in turn means the company will also perform better. Customers may also have better experiences as employees hopefully will be excited to serve them. Employers do the right thing.

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