Encourage, empower, and inspire others

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Encourage, empower, and inspire others

Do it frequently and consistently


Despite the world having billions of people inhabiting it, thousands of people feel alone. Some people feel alone because they don’t trust others and they experience so many disappointments and betrayals in life. Sometimes it is from their own family members and close friends.

As I said in my book, previous articles, and my talk show, you don’t need validation from others but certainly we should encourage, empower, and inspire others.

Many of us spend a lot of our energy destroying the characters of others and talking about all the negative things in life. As a result, so many people are discouraged and depressed.

There is nothing wrong with discussing the negative things in life, but wouldn’t it be great if we can find a balance and use half of our energy to also encourage, empower, and inspire others. Now when we do this, let us do this frequently and consistently because many people require this encouragement constantly. Some people perhaps just need a once-a-year encouragement, but I believe the average person needs encouragement all the time as the one-off encouragement will not be effective.

Encourage, empower, and inspire others

Everybody should be encouraged. Your spouse needs encouragement. Your children need encouragement. Your pastor needs encouragement. Your employees need encouragement. The employer needs encouragement. The Government needs encouragement. Basically, everybody needs encouragement and encouragement can be done in many ways. When you see someone doing something or trying to do something, encourage them. Don’t throw shade at them or discourage them.  On the other hand, if you see someone not doing anything, encourage them to do something

I admire individuals that are going to the schools on a regular basis to encourage the young men and women. Some of these kids just need a mentor, someone that really cares and can direct them to live a better life. Some of these children just need encouragement for them to do the right thing. Some of them come from discouraged environments and so they feel hopeless and unworthy consequently suffering from low-self and inferiority complex.

We are so quick to identify the mistakes and shortcomings of others and slow to encourage others of their accomplishments. It appears that people rather discourage others than to encourage them.

Many people are searching for their purpose in life, and they are trying and doing different things. Who are we to say that is not their calling?  Who are we trying to figure out their agenda? Let us not be judgmental but rather let us be encouragers.

There are some employees who feel like quitting their jobs because they are discouraged. If employees are encouraged on a regular basis, they will stay on the job. Yes, employees are getting paid for their jobs but a simple encouragement will go a long way.

Bosses need encouragement too. Being a boss can be lonely. You are all up night working and perhaps the first person on the job in the morning. Encourage your boss today by letting them you appreciate them. Offer to help in other areas outside the scope of your job.

There are some pastors who are discouraged. All some members do is to find faults with the sermons rather than encouraging their pastors and seeing how they can help in the ministries. Some pastors pure encouragement into the lives of their members and followers but no one is putting encouragement into their lives. You can do this by simply letting your pastor know that you were blessed by the sermon.

There are some spouses who feel like giving up on their marriage because their spouses do not encourage them. They feel alone in the marriage. Take time out on a regular basis to encourage your spouse, otherwise someone else will. Stop focusing solely on what they are not doing but rather thank them always for what they are doing.


If each person were to make their business to encourage others, the world will be in better position. It does not take anything away from you to encourage people. God wants us to encourage and build one another up.  The word of Lord in 1 Thessalonians 5:11 states “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”

I know some of you who are the encouragers feel like you are not being impactful. I can assure you, that you are uplifting others even if they do not say so.

For those of you are discouraged, find someone or something that can uplift you. I believe having access to encouragement is your breakthrough to your destination.

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