Everybody needs to survive.

Sharing opinions.

Everybody needs to survive.

Don’t give everything to one person or company but share with others.


Everybody needs to survive and we can survive if we share what we have with others. Too many times, it appears that the rich are getting richer, and the poor is getting poor and sometimes it is because we overlook the “small man” and support the rich. The small man can become rich if we support that small man. Of course, some people have develop relationship with others and therefore support those that they know, however, sometimes we need to step out of that zone and give others a try. You got some people and companies that try to do everything for themselves rather than sharing with others. For example, some of these developers are building their own apartments rather than allowing others to build apartments. Some are even forming their own real estate company rather than using what we already have here.

We need to share.  I have three properties that require insurance. Rather than giving all of my insurance to one insurance company, each of my properties has a different insurance company which means I am using three different insurance companies. The same thing applies with the fuel for my vehicle. Rather than spending all my fuel with one company, I buy fuel from at least four different companies for the month to support the fuel companies. I also do the same thing with the restaurants for lunches. I spread my lunches around with different restaurants rather than supporting only one restaurant.

Refer people.

Sometimes we take on more than we can handle. Rather than sharing with others, we try to secure everything for ourselves and sometimes we are unable to deliver because we have more than we can handle. If you know you do not have the resources to deal with the demand, be upfront with the individuals and even refer them to others. I know some may say that does not sound realistic but it is true. I also believes it pays off because I know what goes around comes around.

In addition, customers that are getting great services from people, publicize it so that others can patronize that business too.

Furthermore, if someone approaches you for a service, refer them to people you know that offer the service. Don’t go and form your own company just to get the business. You know that is not your field, but you want to keep everything for yourself.

Do not interfere or block others.

Sometimes, when a new company comes on the scene, some of the competitors may do all they can to block others. Let those people do their business. Some of you have enough business to share with others. Furthermore, competition is healthy and will help you to improve and grow your business. Focused on your business and stop trying to destroy the competitors.

Give other people an opportunity.

Too many times we only share with the people of our same colour or nationality. On the other hand, some of us do not even share with our own because they do not want to see our brothers and sisters to prosper.

Give people a chance. Try them by giving them at least one opportunity.


Some people have gone to the extremes to ensure that some people do not survive. There must be a point in our lives where enough is enough and when enough is enough, allow other people to participate. Some companies have to bring in additional people to meet their demands while others are suffering and longing for an opportunity.

If more of us learn to share with others rather than taking everything for themselves, I believe more of us will live in harmony.

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