Everyone is a VIP. Don’t you know who you are?

VIP very important person

Everyone is a VIP. Don’t you know who you are?


Everyone is a very important person (VIP). Unfortunately, society has created a status known as VIP. This status reflects individuals with money, power and titles. These individuals include primarily politicians, celebrities, professional athletes, chief executive officers, certified professional accounts, lawyers, doctors and college graduates.

There are more than 7 billion people in the world. According to the Credit-suisse in 2013, 3.2 billion people have wealth below US$10,000 while another one billion people have wealth within the range of $10,000 to $100,000. If wealth alone was used as a basis for VIP status, the majority of people in the world would be excluded from VIP status. They will also be excluded based on celebrity status, power and professional careers because the majority of people are not celebrities or have “power” or professional careers.

Most people in the world patronize “VIPs” and use them as symbols and measurements of success while the “common person” is look upon in a condescending manner. (For this article, a common person means someone other than a VIP).

I believe most people want to be rich or have more money than what they have currently have and perhaps desire to gain “VIP” status but the truth is not everyone will be rich. There will always be poor people among us but one thing I know is that everyone is a very important person no matter who they are or what they have. There is no need to be working hard to gain “VIP” status as you are already a VIP.

Don’t you know you are?

Don’t you know who I am is a common phrase when a VIP is not recognized by individuals or a VIP is rejected or has to stand in the queue like others. Everyone should use this line “Don’t you know who I am?

You are just as important as anyone else. The fact that you were created by God, that alone makes you important. God does not make anyone insignificant and of course in the eyes of God, we are all equal but yet we have allow wealth, power and titles to separate us from others.

The common person may be considered powerless however, you are very powerful. It is the votes of the common man that allow politicians to win their seats making them VIPs. The power is in your hands but yet we act like the politicians are the ones with power.

The common persons are the ones spending a significant portion of their money supporting entrepreneurs making them rich. Some of us do not even save as we use most of our money buying expensive tickets to go to a game or movie, buying music, shoes and clothing. It is your money that help to make people become rich and famous.

The common person is a very important person. You are more important than you realize. Stop feeling inferior or insignificant because you do not have money or big job titles.

The job or role you have is very important and so you are an important person. The garbage collector and the sweepers are very important persons keeping our streets, businesses and home free of debri. By the way, the garbage collector gets pay well. The teacher is a very important person. At some point in our lives, all of us had a teacher and many of us are very important today because that of what we learned from our teachers. That plumber is a very important person. If anything goes wrong with our toilet, it is the plumber who we call to fix it but yet we do not consider them VIP. That cook or chef is a very important person. Many people cannot cook and some people don’t have the time to cook but chef is cooking for us allowing us to have our three meals a day. Therefore that cook and chef are very important people. That college graduate may come on a job and know very little and it may be the experienced non college graduate that has to show that college graduate what to do. Not because you graduated from college or University especially an Ivy League school means you are very important or more important than others. I can go and on about this but I believe you get the picture of what I am trying to say.


I hope by now you have reach the same conclusion as I have and that is, everyone is a VIP. Because everyone is a VIP, then why do we need to treat others differently? What we should be doing, is that the haves should be helping the haves not rather than creating inequality.

It is very sad as to what we have become. The thing is all of us will die one day and we can’t take our money or status with us. Furthermore, your money and status will not save you. Money and status will not necessarily make you happy. Your status may make you recognizable in the community but there are ordinary people who are just as important.

As you ponder on this article, learn to appreciate others and see them as equal as you. The status you are currently in may not be permanent for I have seen the rich become poor and the poor become rich and people with status become statusless. Be careful for everybody is a VIP.

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